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I’ve created a tiny plugin that sorts posts listed below by most recently edited, which they now are..

    (Last modified: 1 January 2022)
    Suddenly, I am no longer frustrated by certain people or their inability to think or rather SEE how events will unfold over time and rather than be pissy about others' lack of mental agility, I accept that dumb people aren't TRYING to be dumb - they cannot help it 🤔

    (Last modified: 29 December 2021)
    Conceived here, though this is a photo from 1929 because I couldn’t find one from 1972/1973 so this’ll have to do..

    Fear #1
    (Last modified: 29 November 2021)
    Another quick sketch done in a few hours on a single night - almost: there's still a few alterations gotta be made, but it's practically finished.

    Alice in Wonderland
    (Last modified: 31 October 2021)
    Coming, whenever it's done, which will take a while because it's an A3 page that's gotta be filled with needle-sharp pencils only.

    (Last modified: 28 September 2021)
    Coming soon? That what you write for placeholder posts? Dunno.

    (Last modified: 28 September 2021)
    Whenever I get around to it.

    (Last modified: 28 September 2021)
    Don't bother clicking this: the post is empty.

    Warm-up sketch
    (Last modified: 26 September 2021)
    Entirely improvised sketch of an eye, this was a 'speed' sketch I scribbled-up in a few hours, just to get my hands warmed-up again after years of not drawing anything at all but, as it happens my hands never seemed to have cooled-off in the first place and the result was better than I'd expected.

    Fucking lockdowns..
    (Last modified: 25 September 2021)
    Week three of another lockdown and I've started writing a work of kinda-fiction, because why not. Also part two of the months post, because the other one got stuck and I can't be arsed fucking 'round with it when contining in a new one is, easier.

    (Last modified: 21 September 2021)
    With half a dozen completed illustrations now I have to fight the strong urge to upload what I've done every time I update here, but I'm still in the process of developing the concept and this is the internet: full of arseholes with no originality of their own who will happily rip anyone else's ideas and claim they created them, so tiny snippets here and there are all I'm willing to give away at the moment.