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    Outing #44: I’ve got to leave town NOW..
    (Last modified: 13 June 2022)
    It's 6:30am and I'm sick of every fuckhead in town staring at me. I've gotta go before they all get up so I don't have to put-up with another day faking it surrounded by the general public: pretending I'm having just as good a time as they are - it's bullshit.

    (Last modified: 7 June 2022)
    Я хотел бы, чтобы вы хотя бы спросили меня, что вы читаете: я понятия не имею, так как я даже не помню часть дерьма, которое я здесь написал

    (Last modified: 6 June 2022)
    Suddenly, I am no longer frustrated by certain people or their inability to think or rather SEE how events will unfold over time and rather than be pissy about others' lack of mental agility, I accept that dumb people aren't TRYING to be dumb - they cannot help it 🤔

    (Last modified: 29 December 2021)
    Conceived here, though this is a photo from 1929 because I couldn’t find one from 1972/1973 so this’ll have to do..

    Fear #1
    (Last modified: 29 November 2021)
    Another quick sketch done in a few hours on a single night - almost: there's still a few alterations gotta be made, but it's practically finished.

    Alice in Wonderland
    (Last modified: 31 October 2021)
    Coming, whenever it's done, which will take a while because it's an A3 page that's gotta be filled with needle-sharp pencils only.

    (Last modified: 28 September 2021)
    Coming soon? That what you write for placeholder posts? Dunno.

    (Last modified: 28 September 2021)
    Whenever I get around to it.

    (Last modified: 28 September 2021)
    Don't bother clicking this: the post is empty.

    Warm-up sketch
    (Last modified: 26 September 2021)
    Entirely improvised sketch of an eye, this was a 'speed' sketch I scribbled-up in a few hours, just to get my hands warmed-up again after years of not drawing anything at all but, as it happens my hands never seemed to have cooled-off in the first place and the result was better than I'd expected.

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