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The old site is shelved ..

Friday, 3rd April 2020

I mean it's still right there but I've decided to switch over to this one early-on and have set a global redirection to automatically forward all incoming traffic here instead.

Early-on I say because it really has only just been created: after a week hooking the console up then configuring it from a blank javascript module then creating the help, navigation and other commands and a few pages with their corresponding CSS, I've got the skeleton of the site so I may as well switch over and start using it now.

It's a very good thing too: I'm creating this new version of the site from scratch so it's 100% me: I have 100% control over how it develops and get to shape it exactly how I want it to be.

I've only just started adding pages after spending the last week or so on the console, which will replace every menu, link and all on-page controls because it's more efficient than looking for a menu item or trying to click on tiny little links in a phone screen.

It's better because it's mine entirely, not only the visuals and stylesheets: I'm writing all the code and I know what all the code is doing on and behind every part of every page.

Of course I realize this might seem like a sudden change and - the concept of throwing all menus in the bin in favour of a single text console - a bit disorienting, so here's the page I'm using for this month's diary - until I finish adding the diary pages ...


In standard, familiar, old-fashioned link form too, though that's the first and last time I add a link to help you navigate: the console is remarkably simple to use - just type words then ENTER or the name of any other page and the console will open the page.

For a list of available pages, type in the console: pages, ENTER and it'll list them for you.

Not only is it faster than looking all over the page for a link or button, it's also more direct, more interactive and just one of the original ideas I've had already for a better site.. better according to me anyway.



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