Boreas V2 4-Season tent

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So I’ve procrastinated about doing a ‘test-pitching’ of the tent, because without a back-yard here I have to setup in the front, and I cannot help but feel I have every neighbour within sighting distance watching me set the thing up which – in the end – irked me a bit, but I had to pitch it at least once if only to be sure I am capable of getting it up on my own as I won’t have any by-standers to help once I’m out there.

The tent I went with was the large, but very nicely built Boreas v2 from Kathmandu.

I did stick the fly up after taking this photo, but clouds moving in from the coast started getting me a bit antsy to pack-up, since I cannot pack it away wet and didn’t wantt o leave it out overnight unattended. I’ll stick another pic in, though the site may exclude it from the post anyhow..

The little plastic hook in the middle of the roof would perfectly support the little lantern, since it’s pretty lightweight.

Number one puppy tester.

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3 thoughts on “Boreas V2 4-Season tent

  • Jason Jason says:

    Testing comments

  • Brian says:

    Any review on the quality of this tent? I’ve been thinking of buying one.

    • Jason Jason says:

      It’s a fantastic tent. Almost a month straight in a caravan park gave it a pretty good test-drive, and even with the worst of the howling Blue Mountains winter wind and rain, not a drop of water made it inside. One night I got out of bed to use a tree and found half an inch of ice on the fly – no issue for the tent at all.

      It has footballs hit it, even White Cockatoos perched on it without any adverse effects to the tent at all.

      The zips are smooth, the poles haven’t shown any sign of damage, yeah I am quite happy I chose it.

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