PowerMonkey Extreme 12V

Packing a 9000mAh 12V Lithium-Ion battery pack and 600mAh solar panels, the PME12V was about the best-in-class solar charging device I could see online for ~$200. I’ve tested the unit, just in the backyard of course but sunlight is sunlight, and can confirm a charge-rate of 10% per hour.

That doesn’t sound like much juice, until you factor-in the power of the battery and the amount of charge it provides to handheld devices. My Samsung Galaxy cops a full charge in about an hour, from dead-flat to 100%, and only sucks 20% power from the PME12V’s battery-pack, so 2-hours of solar-charging translates to a complete phone charge. Of course, the newer the phone or larger it’s battery, the more juice it’ll suck from the PME12V but it’s proved very reliable and impressed me in practical use.

Retailing online for as low as $180, the ability to charge any handheld device (I have an iPad3, and it springs into charging as soon as it’s plugged in, but it also comes with a 12V-5V adapter for iPad4 owners) is a marvelous thing The only provision I would point-out, is that although the iPad’s and other tablets will charge perfectly well with this device, they *do* suck the charge out of the PowerMonkey’s battery pack. It’s unavoidable really, considering the sie of an ipad battery, and if – like me – you have other smaller devices to charge you might find your tablet takes a lower priority, since there’re only so many hours of sunlight in a day, and yeah.

Although this isn’t meant to be a full review, I’ve given it a quick review of features on the lower half of the page.


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  • Jason Jason says:

    Great device. I wish I had the carrying capacity for one of their Pro line of chargers, but sadly they’re quite a good deal heavier, and larger.

    With pack weight already reaching what I estimate to be about 20kgs, weight is becoming a prime consideration.

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