(UPDATED) Haven’t been to work in 2 days.

In a move that could go either way, I’ve brought things to a head by deliberately just not showing-up for my morning shift two days running now. 

Any number of possible outcomes could result, with paid leave accrued and other sites always popping-up and my supervisor ringing at 7:42 this morning, though my phone was silenced so I missed his call, but that’s fine I’ll ring him later. 

Worst-case-scenario is better than listening to some miserable old cunt bitching about my work all morning and if he was only half as dumb as he is, he’d realize he only cleans half the campus each day; the Public Health Inspector recently said Katoomba TAFE is the cleanest in the western suburbs and the old fella can only take half the credit for that.

Basically, what started a year ago as my placating a silly old fart because he’d been there 20 years has not had the desired effect: aggreeing with him for the first few months – letting him feel like the big man of the site – has not resulted in his shutting-up or being content to just be internally self-important.

On the contrary, the more I nodded and agreed with him the more full of self-importance the fool became.

About 6 months ago I stopped aggreeing just to keep the place peaceful, and began questioning his way of doing things and pointing out how fucking illogical and childish his arguments always are.

I’ll empty my mop bucket in the laundry sink and as soon as I do the cunt’s singing about it; in my ear for half an hour straight telling me what a fucking idiot I am for not using the “cleaners” sink.

“WHO gives FUCK which sink I use they’re both filthy ..you got a fucking mental illness dood! Get help!”

Drop a drop of water on the floor and you get to hear the same half hour of bullshit; long after the drop has dried-up completely. 

C block admin office

Block C

So he had last week off – paid leave like he gets every school holidays – then returns Monday and fuck you shoulda heard him: having a melt-down because I hadn’t dusted the swivel-chair bases or run a mop over the skirting boards!

Then he couldn’t find some plastic bottle left in C Block and on and on he went about that; then on about this and that and that and this…

Fast forward 40 minutes and he’s down the hall STILL muttering obscenities at me under his breathe, while I’ve got my ear-phones in – volume up – so I can finish my work in peace.

I’ve got the vacuum out ready to start on the carpet when he calls out from down the hall that I’m “..GUNNA FUCKING SCRUB B-BLOCK ON MY OWN SINCE YOU DONE NOTHIN WHILE I WAS GONE – YOU’RE DOING ALL B-BLOCK”, he demands. 

I tell him he’s dead wrong about that, “You’re off your fuckin’ head. I’m gunna finish my work like usual and go.”

He starts with the “You wanna be a smartarse and bla-blah 20-years-bla-bla – whatever”, to which I lift my hand and start doing the yap-yap movement before plugging my headphone back in, switching the vacuum cleaner on and turning my back to him. 

A block top floor

I mean WHO would want to put up with that all morning – every morning – while still having to get their work done? 


Yesterday morning the alarm goes off at 3:30 as usual and I wake-up, turn it off then think “Ahh yeah right” … “I can get up and go in to listen to that bullshit for hours on end, or I can leave him to it and go back to bed”.

So I silenced the phone properly and went back to bed.

This morning the same thing happened, though I factored in he’d have the shits even more today since I didn’t go yesterday, which means even more animosity so – again – I simply went back to bed.

$20/hour is alright for cleaning because it’s a basic, hassle-free job and not exactly hard work, but $20/hour to listen to an old man lose it – tantrums and all – because his life’s in its last few pages – pass. 


I’ve rung my supervisor, who’s agreed to pay me for the last two days I didn’t bother going in, because he understands nobody wants to work with the whinging old fart, so I’ll go in tomorrow and see whether he’s feeling sane or not, though I’ve told the supervisor if the old dood starts on me I’ll simply walk. 

I’ll give him an initial bitch about my no-showing two days running, but if he keeps on he can clean it himself until Monday: supervisor’s informed me I can no-show Monday through Friday without needing a doctors certificate, so I can just stay in bed in the morning, get paid AND leave my work for the old man the rest of the week if I like 🙂

So I suppose the move worked: I managed to pop the boil without getting any on my fingers; not showing up two days straight, old ray was the one to mention something to the supervisor, so I’m not even the one who squealed 🙂


In the end, I decided of have a third day off – just because I could – so slept in until ~9:00am again on the Thursday. 

Thursday afternoon I rang my supervisor who said he’d pay me for all the days but that I should really tell him if I’m not going to show up at work. 

Friday morning I went in and the place is now calm as a lake 🙂

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