Bird is the word.

I’ll change the featured image to this pigeon, who came to me for food, so I fed him. Very happy pigeon he hopped up and down each step around me looking for crumbs from the water crackers I’ll be having for dinner. Cute bird. Super clean for a pigeon too..

Despite what you might think I possess both dignity and self-respect in equal measure, but will dispose of them if I need to – which I have.

But it’s come at a cost. 

I cannot stay in Katoomba now because a) I sent my resignation email yesterday b) threatened to take said employers to Fair Work Australia if they don’t get me my money BY DAYS END which they haven’t, so I will c) the staff at Katoomba TAFE all perceive me as a sad homeless fuck and d) I cannot continue living in a town where as I said, people have seen me walking around town like a homeless loser: I earn every cent I get; not leech from centrelink or charities and my employers of 2.5 years fucked me, but only for now.

I only came to the mountains to do the rainforest journals; that was what, 4 years ago? – they’re well and truly done now.

Time for something …fresh.

No sleep last night

I had a splitting headache all afternoon, and got about half an hours sleep last night at most.

Thanks to those bitches showing-up at the TAFE to inspect my work at 11am (catching me still wet from the shower and walking around in my socks) I didn’t get a chance to grab my polyester work jumper which left me freezing all night because all I had on me was what I was wearing: one thin merino top and one of the camel jumpers.

Every time I’d start falling asleep the wind would blow ALL my body heat out of my clothes and I’d be instantly awake feeling instantly frozen right through; pissheads coming and going from the pub were like those idiots on the walking trails yelling and responding to each other all the way down the road as they walked; and the backpack I stuff with clothes and use as a pillow had no clothes at all: nothing but hard objects that dug into my cheekbones, then eye sockets, then collarbones.. felt like a sack of fucking bricks no matter how I shoved, shook or got the shits with it which only made me angrier which only made my head pound even more.

The icing on the cake: the concrete was constantly cold so I HAD to lay on my side – so as little of my body rested against it as possible to try and keep it leeching what little body-heat I had: until my head throbbed again and I had to change positions again, then the wind would wipe out all the warmth again and leave me freezing …again.

Fun night that! 

For dinner last night I had only tap water.

Finally, morning..

I’ve told Ray I’ve quit and given two weeks notice, he said to change my mind and tell her I’m not quitting in-case he gets Kevin or worse to fill-in, but it’s already done.

Said he’d go too if he gets someone like Kevin to replace me and he’s about to retire anyway. 

I informed him I’m moving to Tasmania: “I got no roof over me, no home, no money, no food, no smokes, no family and no woman: I’ve got no reason to stay other than a cleaning job and there’s no fuckin’ shortage of those in the world.

Even with ALL Christmas presents I bought myself, had Broadspectrum paid me more than half my paychecks since then, I would’ve just paid my two weeks rent at any share place available and moved in.

There’s what they’ve paid me since Christmas: should’ve been about $1800. 

I could take them to fair-work for damages and misfortune caused my their fuck up; especially considering nobody in the company seems to want to address the missing pay, while one supervisor tells me she only docked me $70 for the shift I had off, the other’s fed me bullshit about certificates we were meant to post back to broadsectrum: reckons if we didn’t open the envelope that happened to have the certificate then you miss out on $700 pay.

Told the area manager that sounds like bullshit to me: an arbitrary envelope employees are meant to know to open when they’ve never even heard of anything like that in years of working there.

It’s either tasmania or back to the valley and I really don’t feel inclined to spend any more time alone than I already have since I’ve been in Katoomba.

Incidentally, the bitch only found two things to write down during her inspection: a cobweb in Conference Room B and some fingerprints on the sliding glass doors in C Block. 

And here’s how I’m doing my morning coffee today: in a sink in a public fucking toilet.

My employers finally admit to their mistake

Big fuckin surprise: they’ve found a mistake in my pay and will rectify it! ..wait for it: next Wednesday. 

I asked her if they’re really that cheap they won’t do a one-hour transfer now, but she was fumbling-on about my “not addressing her in an appropriate manner“.

I said “uh-huh” a few times, then asked her again when she’d shut up whether they’d do a transfer today, like NOW, since I’ve got 0.02c in the bank and it’s entirely because of their uselessness.

She said no it wouldn’t be for another full week.

** Fuckin’ bitch! **

I didn’t bother thanking her of course: she’s not the fucker with 0.02c in the bank because of me so she can fuck off thinking a thank you was gunna happen, though I could tell she was waiting for it – she’s just hung there at the end of the call for a full 10 seconds waiting for me to say it was fine: I didn’t utter a word, until finally she said goodbye and I said “Right-o.” and hung-up.

She warned me, that in future I’m to “address her in an appropriate manner”, that if I, “speak to her like that again she will escalate the matter.”

So I text her, that if I don’t get the money owed today I’ll ring fair-work in the morning, “..escalate that.”

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