Myself vs Broadspectrum Pty Ltd

It’s coming; just waiting to find out the best legal aid people to get advise from.

Every morning I’ve gotta do this: plug-in everything to charge because there’s no more of this until the following morning.

Give an ultimatum, gotta follow through.. at least randomly.

Alright, so failing to pay me the pay they’ve owed me for a month now – immediately, I’ve just text my Area manager and Area supervisor to tell them:

“Fairwork it is. I’ll be lodging for damages caused by hardship the company has directly caused me – as well as whatever money you owe.”

Area Supervisor replied:

“It was an error. You can go to fair work but the correction has already been put in place. It is out of my hands if you have anything else to talk about apart from your pay please contact me if you want to carry on about your pay please contact payroll”

I replied:

“It’s an error that nobody there is in any hurry to fix while I’ve already told both of you I’ve been on the street for a month and am still sleeping under trees and awnings without a dollar to my name: no food, no anything.

Add to that the fact half the town now perceives me as a homeless loser and all because someone there made an “error”.

Add to that the fact that clearly nobody in the company seems to care one of their workers is freezing every night and starving because of their mistake, and that I can’t get any help from charities because I earn my money rather than sponge off the government.

And all I’m hearing is ‘oops, we’ll fix our ‘error’ next week: starve until then.

I’ve still got no money in the bank, still starving, still freezing on the street every night: the error is far from fixed.

I’ve rung payroll several times telling them who I am and what site I clean – the answering machine hasn’t returned any of my calls.”


Don’t worry, I wiped it thoroughly before putting it to my ear.

Okay, so right after those texts I rang Fair-work and the computer voice told me wait times were over 20 minutes, so I went down to the church to ask Rosa if I could use their landline because – although it’s a free-call and there’s plenty of credit still on my phone – battery charge is a premium resource when you don’t have a power-point, and I don’t. 

She happily retrieved their phone for me and 40 minutes on-hold later I got to talk to a chick who – after I’d rushed through a quick summary of the last month’s events, took my details.

They agreed to take my case and asked for contacts within Broadspectrum they could ring on my behalf: I gave them both the number for my Area supervisor and her superior – Julie: the bitch who told me I couldn’t use the TAFE anymore to shower.

Edit: I showered this morning by the way; at 4:30am before starting my work, so they’re now paying me to shower in the same place I was, but on their time, and tomorrow morning I’m going to wash my clothes – also on their time – with their industrial machines here. 

She told me the legal team who’d be handling it were on the phone but she’d keep trying and push to have it prioritized on account of my living like an animal for a month and needing the money urgently, but told me the issue of my being compensated for having to live like an animal wasn’t really their area and that I’d have to ring legal aid to get advice on small claims court cases, then gave me the number to call. 

I thanked her and told her to have a lovely day, then hung-up and went inside to give Rosa back her phone.

The cute chick

Just about to leave to return to the library, this cute chick (caucasian, though with ever so slightly asian shaped eyes) in earth-toned hippie clothing stopped me to ask how my back muscles are and could I help carry a pot of cooked food through to the other kitchen with her. 

I said sure, then followed her into the kitchen, naturally dismissed the idea of her helping, grabbed the pot and carried it through for her.

It wasn’t heavy enough to require two people anyway; that would’ve been silly.

Halfway to the kitchen I realize I’ve got the warm pot pressed against my stomach and at the same moment I asked “what’s in this.. ..tell me it’s not watery soup”, then held it out away from me and saw a thick band of wet along my front.

She saw the line a moment after I’d put the pot in the fridge then apologised profusely – several times – and said she’d find a cloth or something, which she did, then told me they had a washing machine and dryer out back and do I want to wash my clothes?

I declined the offer and told her it’s fine, but asked what kind of meat the soup had in it and opined on how I hate flies.

She reassured me it was an all vegan soup; she’s vegan and wouldn’t eat it otherwise, so you don’t have to worry about flies 🙂

She was right too.

She thanked me and apologized again, I said you’re welcome and it’s fine, then left and returned to the library steps to ring legal aid on my own phone so I didn’t have to hang around a church for homeless losers for another hour waiting on the phone. 

Just before leaving I’m standing there dabbing the soup with a tea-towel when I see her start on the dishes everyone had left in the sink and sigh.

I had a very strong urge to go and tell her I’ll do them, but fought the urge and walked out: maybe next time. 

Rosa told me she hopes I’ll be there tomorrow. A line she gives every useless fucker who slithers in the door trying to scab shit – nice though: she’s practically saint-like the way she deals with some of the garbage who come to her for anything they can get. 

I accepted no food at all from them regardless how starving I am, explaining repeatedly for all to hear that I am not in fact a homeless loser: just temporarily fucked by my employers – I’ve got Teddybear biscuits and tim-tams in my bag, I’m fine. 

Legal aid

Back at Katoomba library, legal aid answered after a few minutes on hold and – again – I got a nice woman who searched their database but told me that I’d already tried to resolve it with my employer, got no result and then handed the case over to the fair-work ombudsman, so I’d followed the correct protocol but the matter of being compensated would require my talking to a lawyer.

She gave me the number of another legal aid place in Penrith who have lawyers specialize in dealing with employment compensation issues and told me to ring them.

I haven’t rung them just yet, I’ll do that tomorrow, since I’ve got no money to go to penrith right now anyhow. 

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