Broadspectrum lost!!

All I want or need out of life, right there, yes indeed. 


Since I fell asleep last night before writing the entry for yesterday, I’ll roll days 14 and 15 together, probably 16 too at this rate; though the timeline might be a bit shuffled.

All this pay/employer/employee stuff is undoubtedly as boring to read as it is to write about, but it’s a real thing that happened so I might’s well write it in.

Plus you never know; some other common worker like myself might Google “under paid; fair-work; help”, wind-up clicking my post link and realize they needn’t wait until their salary-fattened supervisor gets around to waddling to the phone and fuckin’ calling someone in payroll.

Rewind a few weeks, it’s new year. 

10 January I was due to move out of my last place – the squashy little cabin on Cooper St. Garbage place but whatever: you get used to any place you love and eventually grow at home there.

9 January I get paid $508 out of almost $900.

A few hours later I’m texting my area supervisor, “What’s with the $500 bullshit Alyson?”

I get no reply, though she’s never been in any hurry to get to the phone any other time so I’ll just wait.

She returns my text eventually, telling me she docks “pays” for days late as well as days off (for context: a week or so before this I’d had a morning off – old Ray was goin’ all “senior citizen” about pretty much everything and this time it was stripping the floors in C-Block that ended in me telling him “Fuck – finish it ya fucking self”, walk out and go home. The next morning I shut my alarm off and went back to sleep – let the old fart do all our work himself. ** … teach you .. fukn dickhead **).

“And how many days have I been late Alyson? 10 minutes late isn’t late. How are you calculating the number of days I’ve actually arrived late? I always sign-in at 4:30am in the book, so what’re you just making the numbers up?”

She tells me 10 minutes late is still late and, “…don’t take it out on me – I only docked you for the day off you had. Ring payroll, I’m busy.”

I ask her for payrolls’ number or email address and she texts the number an hour later, so I tap-in the number and press the green button.

The phone almost rings-out before an answering machine kicks-in saying it’s payroll, leave your name and number – etcetera – so I wait until the beep and tell them my name, the site I clean and that I haven’t been paid a full pay.

Hours, days, no reply, no money in the bank so I ring again, leave a message again, then text Alyson and tell her payroll are neither answering the phone or ringing me back and that’s the last I hear from her until a week or so later when I run out of money and start on her again.

And, again, she tells me “it’s out of my hands call payroll”. 

I’ll continue to hear this same thing over the coming weeks, while payroll is just a fucking answering machine as far as I can determine and the fuckheads haven’t returned my call even weeks later.

I intermittently text my supervisor and hassle her some more, and call the answering machine every couple of days, then once a week, then not at all because I’m just wasting my time calling those cocksuckers.

Ugh this whole employer/employee episode is too boring to write about. 

I’ll switch to something else and come back to it.

Saturday morning; there’s money in the bank!

Right after waking-up this morning and randomly checking my bank to find the missing money had been paid, I headed for the staffroom at TAFE for a morning coffee and to plug my electronics in to charge. There was a bag of sourdough rolls on the table that that weren’t there yesterday, and remembering I’d left a tub of Lurpak butter in the fridge I stuck a chunk in one of the rolls and microwaved it for 20 seconds.

That was breakfast and pretty good actually: hot bread and melted butter.

Now they’ve paid me I’ve got two options: a) stay at one of the backpackers until payday for $150+ or b) buy a winter sleeping bag (they should still be on-sale, but are only ~$80 anyway) and save some money on rent until Wednesday.

None of you lurkers ever comment or give me advise (though comments work now, so you can, though I realize a lurkers primary inclination is to lurk, not participate and that’s fine whatever gets you off) so I’ll go with the sleeping-bag: it’s not like any backpackers will feel like home anyway so be I’ll just be paying twice as much to share a room with 6 tourists and their stinking gear.

Big loss that.

I’d rather sleep on the ground, breathe fresh air and not have to have six random strangers keeping me awake getting out of bed six times a fucking night to go hang a piss.

I’ll buy a galaxy tab today so I don’t have to deal with the phone-rage frequently inflicted on me by this $200 peice of shit phone: I should not have slammed my last phone into the ground outside Donut King the other week – that was a Note 3 and even several years and 5 models behind, it still out-performs this J- series slop: I mean it runs fucking rings ..this thing’s a kids phone.

R.I.P Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I got the bright idea to root my Note 3 about a year ago so I could have complete control over all that under-the-hood goodness, and the phone did indeed root without issue. 

Until one day it randomly declared to me it wouldn’t run any root-only apps anymore, so I tried to restore the phone to its previous awesome self: nothing seemed to work quite right after that. 

I started getting system error pop-ups on my screen here and there: apps force-closing; contacts not working; nothing too annoying, just enough to make me think maybe cracking the hood open wasn’t the sharpest thing to do after all. 

The system pop-ups continued on and increased in frequency over time to the point where anytime I’d get an incoming call the pop-ups would start up and I’d have to clear them one after the other just to get to the green button to slide it and answer the call. 

So I’ve just walked out of the supermarket with whatever I went there for, when my ex rings.

Figuring she hasn’t openly abused me lately for anything I get out my phone and unlock the screen to find pop-ups and start tapping ‘OK OK OK OK OK’ ..

…OK OK OK *tap tap tap*

*tap tap tap* ..they won’t clear! I actually knelt to a crouch in front of the apples outside the store entrance so I could focus on fucking-off these error messages *tap tap tap tap tap-tap* FUCK!

..*tap tap tap tap-tap-tap tap*

My phone rings-out and stops vibrating. 

** she’ll think I’ve just LET it ring-out to be an arsehole! 🙁 **

I have no credit – even though it’s payday – because the telstra app is whinging about the same credit card I’ve always used being an overseas card or some bullshit – it won’t let me recharge.

CUNT of a phone..

The phone starts ringing again and I check and see it’s her: she’s trying again. It’s not even my birthday and two calls WOW!

I remain crouched on one knee and start furiously tapping OK OK OK but just like last time there’s more ..and more ..and moooore ..fuck me dead..

** It’ll ring out again you cunt. Peice of fucking SHIT *WORK*!! **

It was no good though; all the tapping just led to more tapping and more until I just snapped, slammed the phone face first into the floor under my hand – like really aggressive CPR, or like you’d squash a bug but with enough force to make my hand feel like it’s ringing afterwards.

The moment the phone hit the hard floor I felt the screen crackle under my palm – I don’t even need to check to see if it’s alright. far away from alright as it’s ever getting and the sucker’s never coming back.

** ..the FUCK am I gunna call her back now!! **

Look I could just keep recounting one moment of stupidity after another for the past four weeks – there’s no shortage of them – but it’s Tuesday already and I’m still only a quarter-way through Saturday.

That’s why I got stuck with this shitty kids phone anyway and I loathe it within days of owning it: that Note 3 was as fast add a laptop – never missed a beat until I tried to unroot it.

Half an hour until Big W opens.

I’ll have a better camera with the tablet too.

Might’s well start the day right ..while I wait.

..good thing I already know what I’m buying, because this only would’ve exacerbated the OCD indecision I *always* get hit with when buying, well anything really: I’d be stuck in Big-W for hours if I had to decide between multiple devices.

Big W breaks my heart

There’s no choice of anything at all here: Katoomba is the largest, most popular and well-known town in the Blue Mountains but it’s still a little country town: the only thing we have in abundance here are cafes, weirdos, supermarkets and posers – those who moved to Katoomba then found themselves suddenly urgently having to dress like idiots, grow dreadlocks and start eating lentils on the floor.

Want to make people think you’re really deep and generous just grab yourself a quirky cause or two and your pretentious poser friends will pretend to be proud of you: none of these Nimbin wannabes give a rats arse: really, they’re nothing more than image-obsessed dead-heads and shallow attention-seeking wankers.

All, pretend.

Just as fake as all the unnecessary vegans, vegos and “gluten-free” trendoids: they’ll do anything to be a part of any socially fashionable clique because fitting-in is everything for people too weak to think and act independent of every other retard they know.

Astonishes me all the shit people will do to try and fit-in with people not worth fitting-in with.

Right, pick a tablet, let’s go!

Just about to go inside and choose, Michele calls – concerned about how I am in light of the lemons the Universe has spat my way recently.

I tell her I’m, actually, remarkably well – all things considered – and the conversation quickly slid into a debate first about my sanity – or her belief in the absence of – then about the sisterhood of feminist dumbshits deciding a few years ago they didn’t want anyone saying or acting honestly in society anymore with some fantasy goal of making sure nobody’s feelings ever get hurt again, like, totes forever..

Her argument being the usual crap about political correctness and socially acceptable behavior making us “more evolved” than the animals we all were a whopping fifty years ago.

Please score a brain people nothing has changed: everyone still engages in the same animal rituals they always have, primal emotions like love, hate, jealousy and lust still drive every mammal on earth, people are still racist and think what they think and ugly people still get laid less than the rest of us.

It’s imprinted in our DNA and dumb socially fashionable ideas cannot stop how we naturally are.

The only difference now is nobody will acknowledge that so every idiot in the civilized world refuses to say what they really think because they are too scared the other dumb sheep they hang around might ostracize them for speaking the truth for once.

Can’t have the truth you understand! Anything but that!

Cowards who’d rather spend their lives pretending they believe in shit they don’t give a fuck about to fit-in with other cowards with the same IQ, than grow a mind of their own and tell the flock to just, fuck, off.


Turns out there were only two choices in android tablets: a 2016 model Galaxy Tab A6 7″ and the same model in a 10″ size. There was also an 8″ Galaxy Tab A, but a quick Google search revealed it to be a 2015 make so that was off the options menu right then and there.

So after a while weighting-up the pros and cons between the 7″ and 10″ models, I decide that although the 7″ looks like it could just fit in my pocket which would make it portable and it’s half the price, I’ll go with the largest of the two: still significantly smaller than an iPad, but more screen-space than I really need.

I tell the jelly-bean shaped sales guy with the humble looking face I’ll take the 10″ and wait for him to come open the fucking cabinet already and he does, but a moment after getting the box out he says there’s just, a lego theme it comes with ..I might want to uninstall that first.

I tell jelly-bean guy I don’t want a lego themed device, and while he’s talking shit about how easily it should uninstall – though he’s got no fucking idea what he’s talking about (it was just an app for kids) I notice in my peripheral vision a parent and kid to my right a few feet away. Good: I’ll use that kid to illustrate how childish lego is.

“..yeah I’d rather a plain android-themed tablet.”, I continue and get the bearded jelly-bean to look for any un-themed boxes in there at all, then continue telling him “I haven’t been into lego since I was…“, and as I’ve turned around to get the gender of the unknown, random child a few feet away to my right to make my example accurate, I’ve seen it’s not some random child: it’s my ex’s 9 year old daughter and she’s standing there just looking at me bawling her eyes out – whole face shiny and wet with tears – “… ..her age.”, fuck that’s a bit awkward, goodo.

“The 10 inch”, I tell the sales pleb.

Her father – who looks like a perfect blend of elderly heart-attack patient and hairless pug – just stands next to her looking uncomfortable with the notion of publically comforting his own kid; tapping her shoulder with fat sausage fingers.

I walk to the front of the counter and get out my card: stick it in the machine, enter my pin, then wait for the humble-looking salesman to bag-up my shit so I can leave.

Edit: I speak negatively about this idiot salesman with the beard at Big-W because he tried to coerce me into taking a model of tablet a year older than anything else I was looking at: he’s a shifty cunt and google confirmed that with just a 3-word search that took 2 seconds to execute whole this honest-looking toad insisted they were all the same year of manufacture – right up until I told him how obviously wrong he was, then he suddenly remembered.

Trying to offload old stock on me the cunt was: insulting my intelligence and simultaeneously making himself look like a fat, dumb cocksucker – I wouldn’t trust him far as I can spit after that and let alone believe anything he tells me about the shit the dumb cunt’s standing there all day trong to sell.

Fucking useless salesman.

I get about ten steps out the entertainment section and start making my way to the exit when I see them again: they’ve only moved about 10 meters from where they were and again she’s just standing there: tears streaming down her face while daddy pats her shoulder with all the warmth of a fucking cyborg.

** She’s only ever used you ya DICKHEAD: for ice-cream, lollies, gifts and toys and she openly says it the moment your fat arse leaves the room **

** She needs a hug look at her. Some fuckin’ father.. **

I slow as I’m walking past and hover in front of her a moment, lean-in a bit and tell her, “Morning, You..”. Edit: I use her name which I’m not going to do here for obvious enough reasons.

The moment I say ‘good morning’ she sucks up the sniffles, looks up at me and calms her breathing enough to squeak-out a little, “..hi back”.

Fucking broke my heart that did.

I wanted to lean down and tell her “I’m sorry – I do love you both, but I can’t spend my life making-do with the scraps your mother gives me”

She knows: the child’s an earth sign like me; she knows how full of shit the adults around her are.

I wanted to kneel down and hug her.

God, the kid might even have grown some character if her own with me around; instead of growing up thinking fitting-in completely with everyone you know is the only choice she’s got.

Yeah right; the consumer crap..

I’ve already got an iPad that cost a lot more than this adroid tablet, but you know Apple devices just suck: Right down to selecting text in screen they’re a pain in the arse and the backs are so teflon-slick it’s like they’ve deliberately designed devices made to slide off your lap and break.

I’d rather use my shitty $200 android kids phone than the ipad I have, and the android tablet is just like a huge android phone without the sim-card abilities – they’re just less awkward to use overall than apples garbage.

Incidentally – certainly now – what we ended-up buying. 

7,300mAh battery is probably it’s greatest asset: spending all that time in the national park having to rely on multiple power-banks like I did, I got well familiar with what size a battery needs to be for the device to me of any use at all, and 7K is massive.

The fat guy with the honest face also tried to tell me the Tab A 8″ was just a different size to the 7 and 10: google proved he’s just a typical lying peice of shit sales wanker.

For $399 it’s twice the speed of the iPad and smaller, with a battery almost twice the size and without that shitfuck iOS slowing the tablet down every few months when apple release the next bloatware-packed version of their operating system.

If you have an apple tablet that’s about due to be replaced with an upgraded model, switch to googles’ stuff – it’s not about speed or battery or screen resolution: android is just so much easier to get along with than iOS and no where NEAR as *heavy* on the devices hardware.

Love these boots. How could I not love italian designed suede hiking boots with such a-grade fittings. Completely waterproof with soles made of soft rubber that grabs the ground like an insects foot.

So buy one of these: upgrade your brand and your device simultaeneously; just don’t buy super-cheap, because everything under $600 sucks.

Goodbye cold nights!

Still that gets to me – the kid just looking at me in tears. Most times I’ve seen her cry she’s been hurt falling off something or she’s faking it to grizzle her way into scoring another biscuit or whatever.

She was genuinely crying the other day: broken-down right in the middle of a large department store ultimately because her mother’s been completely useless to me for so long I had to walk away.

At $89 “on sale” this is the cheapest sleeping-bag macpac have – rated 10°C. What better way to test-drive the sucker.





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