Outing #47: We knew there’d be another ..

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Day 1 – Sunday – 25 March 2018

10:50 am

Let’s try a blurred ‘artistic’ morning photo today .. .. actually let’s not, that’s stupid.

I’ll find something attractive instead.

4:05 pm

I dropped into the church at almost 1:00 pm hoping to skip everything but desert, but there was no banana cake today – No desert at all! Just a big brown mug with soup in it left there by one homeless person or another.

So instead of an attractive morning photo we have a poignant afternoon photo – mix it up a bit 🙂

Sorry for the double image; I change the featured image frequently though – it’ll change soon enough. Lotta screen space it’s chewing-up, but deleting it then rewriting the HTML later is a pain in the arse.

For a while now it’s been a headfuck deciding whether to just add  diary entries’ with the date as the heading, rather than writing them up as ‘Outings’. But if I wrote diary entries every day – which already sounds pretty daunting anyway – there’d be a lot of posts with only a paragraph or two and you wouldn’t expect anyone to waste their time clicking a post with only two paragraphs. I’d feel ripped-off if half the posts I opened had only a few words in  them.

But Outings are finite – they have both a beginning and end – and all stacked together in one post gives anyone reading more than enough to read – certainly by the end of the outing.

For myself, I get to go back in time with a few clicks and relive amusing, annoying or just random events in my timeline with complete control and none of Facebook’s battery-draining .. actually it’s still draining battery now because I still haven’t got ’round to uninstalling it.

I’ll do it right now actually .. uninstall complete!

Like a fuckin phone spam generator facebook is now and I’m sick of having to adjust notifications to shut it up.

Anyway I want to add at last half a dozen little stories but haven’t had the time away to be able to come back to edit fresh: the quality of writing is always better when I do it respectively.

I don’t know who’s soup it is but it sat smack in the middle of the room on one of the fold-out tables.

Tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll go back downstairs anyhow.

5:55 pm

This dog could’ve been featured image but the animal’s clearly not art-quality material 🙂

I’m looking through photos..

Here’s one from the last outing I forgot to add..

And this was meant to be posted last week..

The business end of a tiger leech: don’t wanna know what that milky shit around it’s mouth is.

And this too.. I have no idea what this is, just that it’s hairy.


Day 2 – Monday 26 March 2018

8:52 am

Bit fresh this morning.

I’m sitting outside on the main street; I’ve gotta wait until 10:00 am to go and say hi to Marlene and Anne and finalize my centerlink application so I can demand money off em.

I’ve four merino tops on yet the wind’s still blowing my body-heat away before it gets a chance to build.

All the shivering will be good for my figure thoug… waaait wait: Sun, oh no, fucking clouds.

Anyway I’m not really shivering, just uncomfortably fresh. And I’m not really going to see Marlene – she retired a while ago – but whoever’s there.


You believe the librarian actually asked me not to put my feet on the desk the other day? The one with the sour, puckered-up mouth.

Reckon if she nags me again I’ll call harassment right there in the middle of the library. I can do that thanks to the womens movement, good work girls 🙂

Maybe she read about how I said she’s got a mouth like a cats arse – how would I know right, it’s a small town Katoomba.

She doesn’t have to of course: She’s just gotta relax the lip muscles a bit – there’s too much tension in them though her legs make up for it.

9:36 am

My god I’ve just met a woman who is the epitamy of the damaged flower. I won’t use her name, but goodness she seems so gentle – she almost burst into tears when a tiny dog ran on the road because it might’ve got squashed – she even speaks softly .. just wow! 🙂

She did not like my damaged flower analogy, but she seemed overall pretty upset and emotional 🙁


I had to go to Centerlink to demand an hardship advance, while she went to Coles with her $30 gift card.

About ten minutes later, this woman I’ve known like, a whole hour who already has my mobile number is ringing to ask whether I want a sausage roll or a pie. I tell her nono neither don’t worry about me: I’ll get money today from the government, you eat it. I’m not hungry anyway but thanks for the offer.

She tells me I must: I’ve got no food and I need to eat.

** really, more than ever I want a shower and clean clothes: about an hour ago would be fine, thanks **

She continued, informing me she’s just gotta heat them up then she’ll bring them down to centerlink for me.

I tell her that’s fine, thanks, seeya, then hang-up and scratch my head.

About half an hour had gone by and I still hadn’t sat down to use centerlink’s phones because I figured she’d be back any minute and I’d have a sausage-roll to eat so I’ll do the boring phone thing once I’ve eaten that, but she’s not here.

Then I remembered her telling me teenagers made fun of her earlier this morning: they’d heckled and laughed at her; called her names like bag-lady and homeless, so I text to see if everything’s alright.

Couple of minutes, no reply from her, and I have no idea why I’m feeling so protective of a woman I’ve literally just met, but I am..

NOW, the only place in town there’s a microwave for use by the general public is the change room at Coles: she had a Coles voucher – where else would she go to heat our food right?

** High-school students are in that change-room all day on-and-off microwaving their noodles … **

I watch a visualization in my head of her in there with a half-dozen high-school students teasing her; picking little bits off her like vultures; feeding off her misery and competing to see who can upset her the most..

Like injuring a timid, frightened animal just to watch her suffer: their ugliness just highlights how ugly they are.

She is beautiful.

I decided the urgent payment shit could wait and left centerlink for the top end of town – to Coles – to make sure she was alright and not being humiliated or belittled by anyone.

Few minutes later I walk into Katoomba Village and head for the toilets: I don’t know if she’s still in the change room anymore, hell, I might’ve just missed her walking back down to centerlink, but she seems fragile and that image of the vultures .. yeah I had to see she was alright – this is after half an hour mind you; I figured my sausage roll would’ve been in my stomach ten minutes ago so something *could* have happened.

I hit the button next to the sliding glass door outside the parents change room, wait for the star-trek sounding *fsssssssssshk* and walk in.

She goes suspect on minute questioning me about how I knew she’d be here?..

Not being heckled, She’s got the bathroom to herself, all good, “Right, excellent.”

“How did you know I’d be here?”


“I didn’t tell you where I was going ..”, wow she’s needling me ..

** I only came up to check you weren’t being harassed by arseholes Babe, don’t mention it geesh **

“Yep. Only public microwave in town you *could* heat sausage rolls? Where else would you be? the church is shut today?”

She still looks suspicious and I don’t know what the fuck I can say to convince her I hadn’t snuck-up the hill behind her like some kind of creepy pervert – which seems to be her implication, far out 🙂

I knew there was only one place she could’ve gone, especially near Coles, because I’ve been a local 5+ years now and homeless myself for over three months.

That’s where I go to microwave things, is why I know.

She tells me to go outside a minute anyway and eat my pies, so I did 🙂

She also gave me half the chocolate cake she’d just bought and a tomato. I’ll eat the cake later with coffee on my slab of concrete when I’m settled for the night.

The tomato is in my bag.

Seriously, that’s pretty sweet for someone who’s stopped – while walking past me on the street at nine in the morning – to ask if I know anywhere there might be free breakfast or something because the church is shut and she’s so hungry, “..I have to eat ..if I don’t get food soon”

Fuck my heart melted on the spot when she asked that. The way she asked it. 


Anyhow, I tell her two pies is more than I need, “You have one”

She refuses, then pinches a little bit off the edge of one and eats that, says that’s enough for her 🙂

She’s at least as thin as I am though: she should’ve had a whole pie.

Anyway she’s in a motel/hotel/hostel or similar tonight, so she’s safe and warm for now at least.

Sleep well, wherever you are.

1:22 pm

I’ve been on the phone since 10:30 am waiting for these fools. They even transferred it to my mobile so I could walk and move and now a further 1 hour on my mobile and .. there we go; nothing..

Wait again .. a chick has just swung around on her swivel chair and said, “WAIT!..”

We both wait ..

There’s another payment…

Jackpot got that’s a centerlink worker that chick: $200 cash in 30 seconds and counting..

Shove that useless woman on the phone.

2:48 pm

I’m at the library now, filling-in the morning above, and – to the new girl – if you’re going to read my diary, don’t just read the last few days and conclude I’m an arsehole: read beck a few more days to the baby pigeon I saved, the cockatoos I mouth-feed given the chance and yeah.

I’ll finish this in an hour – once I’ve had my burger (no chips tonight): only salad, plant matter or meat I get to eat these days. 🙂

I’ll spare you the photo: they’re pretty good hamburgers.

7:15 pm

Here, we are ..

Yeah it got a bit squashed in my pack.

*…adding to the rest of the day but hang on .. I’ve gotta eat that and more coffee.


Day 3 – Tuesday – 27 March 2018

8:46 am

Alright I’m waiting for a coffee outside the waffle house with two cops, also waiting for whatever they’ve ordered. I’ve only just smoked drugs yet I’m not even remotely paranoid about them: I’ve just gotta edit this and not start conversation with them: that would inevitably result in my saying at least one random thing the cops would think it wierd. I’ve said “Morning”, they’ve said “G’day”, that’s all we need 🙂

** Don’t show them I mean seriously – DO NOT show them your photos **

I’ve talked to the cleaner at length already, about relationships and how socially fashionable group-think has done untold damage to what could’ve been otherwise normal, healthy relationships while cunts who bash and abuse their woman are still doing all that shit and more behind closed doors, like always, but we already know that for the most part, most humans are dickheads without a brain of their own and the 1% smart enough to take a few steps back and see the entire picture are only a minority group who cannot change anything because they’re so outnumbered they’re neck-deep in morons? Yeah, why write the rant again.

Oh and not just Irish, Rebecca: 7th generation 2nd fleet Irish convicts 😉

Here’s the morning photo..

My coffee. I know, I’m taking the piss, yes.

10:04 am

I’m at the church now – known by a lot of locals I’ve discovered as “Rosas’ church”, and given that woman is like sunshine itself it’s well deserved.

Packing my coffee, powdered-milk and sugar for the rainforest tomorrow.

Still gotta pick some food and buy gas.

I’ll get the gas now actually ..

10:31 am

Oh, there are freshly made salad rolls and coffee being served right now until they run out or midday hits: whichever comes first.

The soup is chicken or minestrone:)

4:27 pm

That pretty, crumpled petal from yesterday? Seems she blew away at the first hint of a breeze.

Too bad really: imagine all the writing she would’ve inspired? No, Generated? Fuelled?

On with the show.

I’ve bought what I need to go back downstairs and packed it ..except the food, which can really be anything cookable so I haven’t bothered getting any of that so far – just the gas and since I’ll be taking custard powder again I’ve grabbed a large canister this time.

I’ve also been to the library for an actual book. Two actual books: about edible and medicinal bush foods.

Sadly the first book was a full, A4- sized hardcover and flicking through it only made the book worse: 600 pages of dribble and shit.

The only relief from the relentless walls of completely off-topic text were photo plates of the author posing for selfies – alongside one of the very few actual plants featured in his book.

The volume was as boring as the bible, and a history of man oh sorry “homo sapiens sapiens” from A to Z.

What a wanker.

I picked up this house-brick-heavy snoozefest to learn which plants there might be out there I can throw in salad or cook – not for a full history of planet earth and all it’s fuckin’ inhabitants.

Really, I cannot fathom how his editor didn’t stop him from the beginning and tell him “What’s that teach us about what to eat bro? Nobody wants to hear how much you know about the technicalities of taxanomic familial relations. Where’s the plants?”

There’s like, 12 plants in a 600 page hardcover meant to be about plants. Knew I should’ve just searched online..

Try writing a book about the topic it’s meant to be about cocksucker: you wasted five minutes of my life I could’ve spent googling the answers I should’ve got from your half a tree worth of wasted paper.

However, given the.. hang on . .

The second book was tiny, yet managed to fit 20 edible plants into just 50 pages! Imagine that – a book that teaches you about stuff you want to know: not just the dickhead who wrote it.

Sadly for the second book, it was small enough I simply decided to photograph the 20 plants and save myself carryimg the sucker around, having to bring it back by the due date: who needs all that stress right.

I’ve got all the plants and photos plus the recipes at the beck right here on my phone, which never had to be returned.

So I didn’t see any point at all in actually borrowing any books today, again, bit that’s the closest I’ve come so far! Good on me 🙂

5:29 pm

Sitting there in the library earlier, I’ve realized my charger is still plugged into the outdoor power-point: just dangling in the breeze for anyone to find.

Case you didn’t know, that’s bad and sloppy: I sweep the area I sleep at every morning before I leave – specifically so there’s no trace of my being there, so to leave my phone charger just hanging out the wall like that .. mm.

Time to go find out if it’s still there shortly.

6:26 pm

Whaddaya know ..

Sure as shit won’t be letting that happen a second time. That’s the fast- charge charger came with the phone too: charges from flat-to-full in under an hour.

8:25 pm

I’ve decided to not add captions to the images anymore because they’re too small for me to read on my phone without zooming, and they’re a different sized font do you’ve gotta readjust your focus to read them.

Only reason I re-wrote the site’s stylesheets so dark to begin with, was to save my phone charges when I’m in the valley with battery packs. Then I grew to appreciate the distinct lack of glare lighter sites practically sunbake my eyes with.


Day 4 – Wednesday 28 March 2018

7:31 am

At Coles, waiting for shit to open.

The cleaner’s just talked at length to an enlightened fuzzball about whatever – I’ve had my headphones in and didn’t hear what it was about, I do know though, that the guy disappeared into the disabled toilet for 20 minutes, then – going back in as he was walking out a bit ago – found skid-marks inside the toilet – he’s the only one who’s used it since she cleaned it half an hour or whatever ago: I come out and he’s acting like her most respectful bestie ever.

I only went in to wet my hair, though I moved to the change room to do that after seeing the filth the guy left for someone he actually knows to clean.

Dood’s wearing lycra bike pants and he’s got no bike outside.

Enlightened indeed.

He’s not your most respectful bestie, Dear.

0491 021 455 is my number; save you getting that bored again.

I’m easily driven to boredom myself 🙂

In other news..

Even on payday I’d have bought this simply for the novelty: you ever see a two litre bottle of a4 milk for $0.05c? Me either 🙂

8:38 am

It’s washing day today and as classy as it is, I’ve had enough of washing things in public toilet sinks. Much easier to wash stuff downstairs in the creek: I’ve been away from the creek a week this time, and I want clean clothes.

So I’ve got all my clothes in an equally classy garbage bag: I’ll machine-wash it today – and dryer-dry it all today.

Even my sleeping-bag is getting a wash: three months worth of dried body fluid isn’t about to wash itself out of there you know.

9:33 am

Rosa’s just asked me if I’ve got an ABN and offered me work deep cleaning both kitchens: just have to figure out approximately how many hours it’ll take me.

4:05 pm

Okay I’ve locked-in the deep clean for both kitchens with her – hours ago now – for $28.75/hour (tax included) and estimated 5 hours per kitchen plus decided on which two days are best to do them, so I’ve got 10 hours of contracted work next week to do.

AND Iget to use bleach to clean finally, without having to constantly check to make sure there’s not a nursing-home resident with their head in the bucket slurping-up the dirty water.

I’ve also helped unload this afternoons food delivery and received two $30 gift cards in the mail from my mother today, along with this..


First thing I went and bought was a bottle of multi-vitamins because I haven’t felt 100% awesome the last two days and my lack of any fresh plant, vegetable, fruit or meat in my diet has gone on MONTHS now and my system is telling me it NEEDS more.

Since carrying vegetables and fruit around isn’t an option for me with no home or kitchen to store or cook in, in I’m also going to start adding foragable wild plants, berries and flowers to my cooking while I’m down in the valley and I’ve already kicked that off today with about 20 berries that everyone has always said are poisonous.

That was 6 hours ago I ate them and I’m fine.

Mushrooms are probably much the same: layered in fear from generations of wives’ tales that are no more than bullshit superstition and misinformation.

Yank it out, wash it and eat it anyway you like the entire plant is good for you. I’m going to fry some flowers with cream cheese, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper on friday when I go downstairs: Good Friday – everything will be shut anyway.

Take Dandelion: a common weed, they were always known as wet-the-beds where I grew-up: touch them and that’s what happens. As an adult that’s obviously a ridiculous notion and as it turns out the entire plant is not only edible, the leaves taste just like cos lettuce and rest of the plant can be stir-fried or added to – well anything.

I’ve been eating the flowers raw the last few days and they have a mildly bitter flavor but again, very mild. Less bitter than cos Lettuce actually, and the leaves – though they look hairy and inedible – taste almost exactly the same as lettuce: the hairy bits just pop when you start chewing.

All those little spiny hairs are not spiny or fibrous: they pop in your mouth fine.

Even the roots can be roasted then either ground and used as a tea or added to dishes.

That’s the first plant I’ve found common enough – even in the valley – to throw in a pan or salad to replace fresh greens.

9:56 pm

I’ve just heard possums fighting nearby and it got me thinking about the brushtails I’ve seen in town and how most up here are bigger than Guido, but I’m yet to see a town possum anywhere near as fit or healthy as Guido or any of the other possums down in the valley.


Day 5 – Thursday 29 March 2018

Breakfast with the increasingly infamous parents change room microwave.

8:17 am

I reckon, that allowing myself to become homeless is the best thing I’ve done since I’ve been in Katoomba.

Just like that sixteen months in the valley made me feel at home in the national park, the last three months spent right in the heart of town has made me feel completely at home here.

The whole time I was working, town was just a place I came to spend my money, buy groceries, and go home again.

Right in the middle of the main street all day when I’m not in the valley, constantly surrounded by everyone, you get very comfortable surrounded by everyone and get to meet a lot of people: good, bad, ugly, tourists and locals.

I even know the dogs in town now.

*… coffee. Sec’

10:20 am

We have our morning photo today with still over an hour ’til midday. A nice one too ..

Common, natural and beautiful – right here in town: who’d have thought?

They’re giving away fluffy animals today – a large table worth of em.

The lack of customers prompted me to suggest they burn the animals for charity: $5/per fluffy toy. 

People would lined-up for shit like that. 🙂

Burn-a-bear – $5! – step right up and pick your animal! .. the big fat teddy at the back will be $10, Ma’am.

Who wouldn’t pay $10 to see this sucker burn?

11:09 am

I’ve gotta clean my bag out and pick a cream cheese to fry-up my flowers in I go down. And noodles, and salt & pepper.


1:28 pm

Sorry; Good afternoon, Librarian – I was distracted with my mental checklist for tomorrow, not being rude.

I’ve got everything though and it’s fortunate I couldn’t see any goats cheese; no decision to make – normal philladelphia cream cheese, plus butter, fresh garlic, two lemons as well as salt & pepper: just need to pick the flowers when I get down there tomorrow morning.

Though breadcrumbs wouldn’t be bad. Nice and light too.

5:22 pm

I’m packed and ready to go: an extended weekender, I have to come back up Tuesday so I’m here to clean the first kitchen on Wednesday – paid work is paid work.

It’s meant to rain in the afternoon so it’ll be tomorrow morning.

Only annoyance in my day was probably Takeli trying to tell me what I need to do you clean the kitchen: I’ve cleaned everything from the cultural centre and art gallery to the high school – including their kitchens – but chose to let her go on explaining for a minute before leaving.

She seems a bit put-out by the fact I’ll be cleaning her area: like it’s a personal insult directed at her ability to keep it clean, when I’ll be cleaning the dark forgotten bits nobody can get to daily, and I’m sure Rosa’s mostly being nice – paying me to do it – though she also explained that they can’t do the daily food parcels all day and still have time to do it, and I’ll be doing that kitchen Saturday-week: the main kitchen is closed Saturday so I won’t have to work around volunteers cooking or preparing boxes of food.

You’d be surprised some of the people who come for a box of food really: there was a woman there today dressed like she was teleported right outta Picnic at Hanging Rock and wouldn’t even acknowledge any of us as she went in and came out with a free box of charity food.

Like Lady Carrington live in the flesh, you’d think. 

She even managed to continue the stuck-up-demeanor as she catwalked her way back out the driveway with her free food.

Lot of other people who look far too well-off to be needing food from a charity, too. Don’t get me wrong there’s so much food, the church wants to offload it so it doesn’t just go in the bin so even rich people should take the stuff: they just need to step around us vulgar, uncouth degenerates until they can make it back to the safety of their Saabs and BMWs 🙂

6:41 pm

I’ve just realized I left a garbage bag with clean tops – including the nice light green long sleeved shirt with the red trim – in the church just sitting on the floor unmarked: that green shirt was about $100.

Think they’re closed until Tuesday anyhow, although the markets might be open Saturday so I hope they don’t get bored and add my clothes to the racks.



Day 6 – Friday 30 March 2018

I’m waiting for my batteries to charge before I go today: had a week to do em, but put it off until last night.

I’m about 15,000mAh short of fully charged right now so we’ll give it another half hour or so then take them as the are. All my vaporizers are flat too, so I’ll need the power.

The meteorologists think rain is less likely now, with only the chance of “fog or light drizzle”, but that runs from midnight right through to morning, so I’ll have to just flip a coin this afternoon

Is Woolies open today? I want breadcrumbs and Coles is completely shut mm. Tackling big world issues here 🙂

8:56 am

I’m going down in a minute, thigh the batteries aren’t charged enough yet. The GA starts work at 9:00 am, though I can see and hear his car pull-up from where I am and the bushes in my side make him oblivious. 

I’ve calculated every point to point line of sight and who can see me from where. Only people I don’t bother being stealthy with are the neighbors across the street: there’s no point; they’ve seen me jumping the fence, walking around, I even had one walk past asI was grabbing my sleeping-bag just last night. 

They evidently have no problem with my using the place like a cave for months on end or the cops would’ve paid me a visit at some point by now, so I don’t care if I’m in full-view around them.

9:05 am and no GA: he’s likely got the school holidays off doI can stay as long as I want, but I’d rather just get the walking over with. 

9:33 am

I’m off: I’ve gotta carry this five it six kilometers from the very peak of the top end of town down to echo point then down the stairs into the valley.

Under 10kg this time but very close – 7kg probably, plus a shopping bag with the gas, buns and noodles.

10:13 am

1:57 pm

No reception, no update. 

Not even going to get angry about

2:11 pm

There’s been no reception from echo point until well still now, and rather than get the shits about it I’ve just put the phone back in my pocket and not bothered.

But now I’m bored enough to write it in the offline text editor – I’ll copy/paste whenever the signal starts working.

Echo Point was busier than I thought it’d be as the staircase was a nightmare to get down, thanks to a group of around 10 Asian tourists daintily baby-stepping their weak arses now the stairs.

“..like a clogged artery”, I tell the overweight mum in front of me, and the clog stayed every step of the way down to the base on Dardanelle’s Pass.

Took twice as long as usual.

3:18 pm

I’ve collected a few flowers and younger leaves and washed any dirt off in a pot do they’re ready to go. I’ll add some noodles to the cream cheese and dandelions towards the end with a bit of water – rather than boil them.

I’ll start frying the flowers and leaves in cream cheese, butter, garlic, lemon juice and pepper then add the noodles to that.

Here was dinner which was delicious


Day 7 – Saturday 31 March 2018

11:40 am

Okay the net couldn’t even load a page here yesterday, and it’s foggy today so it’ll probably be no better.

The cream cheese, garlic and lemon sauce last night was excellent and really the dandelion might as well have been bits of cabbage or lettuce and only added colour and texture to the pot.

There were lots of older leaves on the plants that were larger, but I planned to toss the leaves in at the end of cooking and didn’t want to have to pick out the fibrous stringy leaves later.

Awful lotta runners both today and yesterday.

One chick stopped to talk to me a full five minutes at 8am when I hadn’t thought of any conversation past “Morning. Hope the Sun comes out.” ..wasn’t expecting anyone to stop and actually talk to me, they usually say it as they’re running past.

Soon as the sun starts-out I’ll go up around the corner and paste this update, though photos will likely have to wait.



Day 8 – Sunday 1 April 2018

8:21 am

I’ve finally got internet again.

Fuckin pathetic phone services we got here. People should formally complain more. Where’s Alice when I want her: she constantly wrote letters of complaint to everyone.

Nup. Photos are just making my phone hang.

10:47 am

I’m not even going to bother this time because there’s never time to update later, and if I can’t update as things happen or soon after there’s no point.

My reaction to that poor, crumpled petal the other day would’ve been much more muted had I waited a few days to write it, and measurably more sarcastic. Instead, because I’ve written it as it’s happened it’s a more accurate record of what I thought at the time.

So writing retrospectively is great for concealing things with anecdotal humor but mm.. still a lotta runners.

I have leech bites on my neck and left hand and both have puffed up already. I’ll look like John Merrick by the time I get back up. Fuck my hand is already looking like those nasty sausage hands, *blurgh* still turns my stomach, that .. the other hand looks like a piano players hand! – as it fucken should.

Imagine letting hands like that touch you – ever: ugh so nasty. I was disgusted with my one hand temporarily being like this. 

How the hand usually looks. Sure I should stop demolishing my finger nails but I love my hands 🙂

Speaking of pianos I’ve gotta find one to play before I lose what I’ve memorized while fucking around wth my own for that time.

11:51 am

I’ll be a non-smoker when I come up Tuesday, maybe.

I’ve had nothing but the vaporizer since Friday night, and I’m not feeling any urge to look for any: hopefully force of habit will be well underway by then and I won’t feel compelled to get any a few more days.

More runners geesh ..I’ve said hi to about 100 of them so far today, and being a public holiday tomorrow they’ll be out then all day too.

So much for privacy.

They’re wearing their joints out prematurely: it’s an unnatural level of strain for temporary gain and I still don’t understand it. Being fit, sure; but fucking every joint from the hip down by 40 and all the pain of arthritis that’ll start a few years later.

My joints won’t be doing that, so I don’t care: it’s just an observation.

You see I’m unable to take photos and write about what’s happening live because of the shitty networks out here, so pft whatever.


12:19 pm

Someone’s just walked past and asked me how the water is, and you know that’s always a problem: if I tell em it’s fine, they wanna go in and get some – messing-up the multi-tier levels I’ve long ago settled-on for different uses: the highest lip is just for water collection, next one down for washing dishes and clothes, last one for washing myself.

They’ll just stomp right through it and mess the entire arrangement up, so my answer now alternates between “bit gritty but it’s okay” and “once you pick out the mosquito wrigglers it’s fine”.

I’ll add “I boil it first” actually: that’ll put the last curious few off 🙂

A butterfly just landed in my neck and walked around a moment before I reached-up and pulled it off.

Lucky I didn’t swat the sucker: didn’t know what it was and didn’t want to get stung so grabbing it seemed better then squashing it against my skin.

This cute chick of latino appearance just walked by and said good afternoon, then I saw the size of the pack she was carrying ..almost as big as her.

Poor thing.

I’d share my water with her and feel slightly guilty for not encouraging her to rest, but how weird would that be right? Some shirtless dood standing by a creek asking you to stop and have a drink..

Right, why I cannot offer more than good morning afternoon.. oh well.

4:46 pm

You know this site should be dormant.

I should have a decent woman to stream all my thoughts to via texts, and if you look at the gaps they’re only ever there when I’ve not got a person with a brain to upload them to.

Like uploading to a fucking vacumn this is.

I need an actual woman to stream my thoughts to, for continuity at a minimum.

Pointless, and obsessive – taking notes on everything is.

I’ll start on custard at 6:00 pm.


Day 9 – Monday 2 April 2018

Perfect custard last night, perfect custard for breakfast.

9:12 am and the runners are already coming back up.

10:42 am
You know, it’s a pity our damaged flower didn’t get to come down here: said she wanted to pay me by the night to learn how to come out here on account of being homeless for years now.

I refused any money even if she ever had it to pay because it’s a national park.and paying me would be stupid.

Then I went soft in under a day and she panicked and fled 🙂

Anyway I say it’s a pity she didn’t come down for her sake – not mine – since I’m already perfectly relaxed, but her – she looked tired, nervous and jumpy, fidgety ..not relaxed on any level.

If anyone could benefit from several days out here it’d be her: no need to go anywhere or do anything, nobody to wind her up, no need to go anywhere for food, no need to leave at bedtime because she’d have everything she needs on her.

She’d be able to stay in the same place for days without the general public surrounding her all day long, she could even leave here and find somewhere away from me if she liked and get as much privacy as she felt like.

Calm her down an awful lot, it would.

1:00 pm

The networks been alright today, but I’m going up in the morning so what is there to say? Stuff to write about and thoughts happened the past few days, but I don’t have the charge to catch-up now.

5:39 pm

I’ve been reading.

Hope it doesn’t rain too much cause I’ll be fucked if I’m walking anywhere for some clouds.

Not much writing going-on, but it’s not like you ever contribute anything so whatever.

I can still hear thunder not far away, but it passed over with just a shower. 

Goodnight lurkers.


Day 10 – Tuesday, 3 April 2018

2:48 pm

I’ve just asked the librarian if she can smell me from where she’s standing. She told me she cannot.

Polite of her 🙂

The drizzle started falling last night at about 11:00pm and didn’t stop. I mean at all, all night, so everything is wet I honestly don’t give a shit since anything valuable I’ve got on me is water-resistant or waterproof and anything that fails to work after getting wet is useless anyway.

Problem is all the smells I’ve accumulated since Friday are only ever amplified by completely moist clothing.

I ran out of coffee yesterday morning after only one cup, so started the morning with a headache and still climbed the trails plus staircase AND walked to town in under 2 hours I went directly to the church for caffeine.

Turned out it was morning tea day today, and I spent a bit of time talking to some of the old guys there before this chick came and sat with us: I’ve seen her around for years but was chained to that bitch the entire time..

You know too, since I’m on the subject I realize I probably portray myself like a dog on heat with all the mentions of random women around town, but the reality is I’ve simply never had so much time to notice them before: 3 years of working while being pointlessly attached to that kinda-woman meant that even if I wanted to, I couldn’t form any connection with anyone else because I was with someone – she would go nuts if I even mentioned another woman.

Now I’m unattached I might as well write about everything because once I’m attached again I’ll have to not pay attention to other women for her – Woman #8 – whoever she is 🙂

Just how it goes: I never care about other women when I’m with someone because she’s the one I want to be with – why be ‘with’ someone otherwise right?

Anyway she had lovely blue eyes, and – growing-up with hazel-eyed family members – I’m a sucker for blue eyes: deep or light I do not give a shit 🙂

.. hang on

3:32 pm

One of the old guys I talked to this morning at morning tea who’s walked all over the mountains – he’s about 85 now so this was a while ago – has recommended both some caves and trails that’re well-kept enough secrets that most people don’t know they’re there, and recommended some books which I’ve reserved here at the library.

He just recounted a tale actually, of a time he was hiking back to town and – having gone a bit off-course – had to climb rocks to get around or up back onto the trail or whatever.

Apparently there was a storm overhead at the time and he found the hairs on arms and neck stood right-up on end.

Lightening about to strike: static electricity.

Apparently, sprawled-out climbing a rockface wasn’t the ideal place to be mid thunder-storm, and he’s said he’d never climbed rocks that quickly before or since.

Still, I’m confident that going further out on my own wouldn’t be half as good as with someone else.

I’m also confident that *I’d* go further out and generally lift my standard if someone else was with me: pushed to create a more dramatic shared memory, I would be.

5:52 pm

Here we are again, as here’s what my sleeping-bag’s looking like after last night’s 8 hours of drizzle ..

Don’t get me wrong, I slept fine while it rained last night, and it’s always dried-out pretty quickly, but today it’s been wrapped wet in it’s cover since 7:00 this morning.

It’s gunna be like climbing into a fucking dead fish whenever I get cold enough to get in ..least there’s no wind tonight, though that would dry it quicker.

7:01 pm

The sleeping-bag is fine: unless I get out, since I’m wet like I’ve been inside a sloppy dead fish, but it’ll be dry soon enough.

Niiiice to have reception again.

Pity I’ve gotta go to sleep at a reasonable time tonight: I’ve got 5 hours of paid work tomorrow.

I have not had a smoke since Friday night before bed, and I’m extremely pleased to announce that the headache I’ve had continuously for 14 days now has finally gone.

I think it was from using my hard backpack and not enough clothes as a pillow, putting pressure on the nerves and veins behind my left ear.

Been gone completely for about 3 hours now.

7:59 pm

I’ll go back and start editing the last few days tomorrow: there’re photos and chunks of writing I haven’t done on account of having no reception, plus being constantly interupted by a zillion runners every day, honestly they’re more common out there than blow-flies and seem to share the same iridescent colouring.

I’m also going to remain homeless until I’ve found my next woman: if she’ll love me when I’m homeless with nothing, she’ll love me all the more when I’m working, dressing well, smelling great and raining attention on her.

Night Katoomba 😉

Oh and, *…salmon, so I don’t forget tomorrow 🙂


Day 11 – Wednesday, 4 April 2018

My morning started with my sleeping-in until about 5:30 am, at which point I got my shit packed and sorted, by which time Coles was open so I went straight there and headed for the parents change room to wash my face and hair.

Rebecca – the cleaner there – was already in there having coffee and we did the usual morning conversation about relationships – she drank her coffee by the sink while I shaved and complained about how nobody mentions the countless convicts who died building the infrastructure all over the mountains everyone takes for granted still today.

I also criticised the pink hand-soap in public toilets not having any slip, making it a very poor soap to shave with and after watching me go back to the toilet for more soap five or six times she agreed that if it were more slippery I would’ve finished the first time.

Exactly 🙂

Soon after she’s found an empty bottle of PVA/white glue in one of the cupboards, and I’ve asked her what the point of that is?

“Why would teenagers buy white glue? It’s non-toxic: you can’t get off your face sniffing it.. a whole bottle too.. they drinking it?”

Rebecca informs me it’s for making slime.

“Ohhhh.”, I tell her, “Right.”

She’s got a video to show me, gets out her phone and unlocks it before opening YouTube and playing a clip of her daughter demonstrating how to make two kinds of slime.

Cute video. Happy looking kids she’s got. I told her her daughter vaguely looks like Norah Jones, that it’s the half Indian thing and subsequently unlocked my phone to show her photos of the musician.

All half Indian chicks look like the singer to me.

I then gave her the same marital advice I’d give anyone: pay your other half attention – it’s not just fawning over kids for us men – and make plans and future goals together. And fuck the everyday routine: MAKE time even if you have to dump other shit to do it or neither of you will end-up happy together.

She seemed to like my pretty logical suggestion.

Next thing we know the glass door slides open and some old man in a wheel chair rolls in to actually use the toilet.

“Have to find another bathroom now!”, I tell Rebecca, and we’d already been in there a while so both left the room and the old man to it.

On the way out, She offered to take my clothes home and wash them for me if I want – “Just put them in a garbage bag or something and bring them here and give em to me.”.

Ordinarily, I’d have graciously refused but it’s such a lovely thing to do and a pretty random, that I almost instantly replied, “Alright, sure. Next bag of washing I’ve got I’ll bring to you :)”

What a sweetheart! – her husband’s a lucky man 🙂

As I’m leaving the area so she can get on with her work I check the time: 7:45 am. I went in there at 6:00!

Nearly two hours straight we’d been in there! Wow that went quick 🙂

Floor stripper in the little milk bottle she’s told me this morning she’s started buying for coffee: Great to know other commercial cleaners 🙂

2:00 pm

Rebecca, that floor stripper is seriously a-grade 🙂

Wiped the built-up filth off like grey ink 🙂

Also cost me about 1/4 inch of shoe tread, but worth it for the clean it gave 🙂

4:45 pm

Been a reasonably big day and it’s still not quite done yet, so I’ll write it up once I’m at my cave for the night.

I’ve just got to the library and it’s about to close, so there’s no time before I’ve gotta go again.

8:12 pm

Fuck me I’ve just had an owl – yes an OWL – fly over and flap down to the ground right next to my head chasing a large moth or something.

Just WOW – that was pretty in ya face.

I’ve only seen one or two owls in my life so far and always up in some tree.. it was too dark to see the pattern or details of the feathers, but it was dark brown mostly and about the size of a currawong: not a massive bird.

I’ve just accidentally touched the ratings bar at the bottom and there’s no way to recast my vote 🙁


Day 12 – Thursday, 5 April 2018

6:05 am

I’m waiting for coffee.

I got one for the cleaner too – least I can do for the floor stripper, I figure. Even though I wanked around so much talking shit with people and only got half the kitchen done, it would’ve been an awful lot more scrubbing had she not given me stripper.

8:57 am

So I didn’t bother shaving or anything this morning, the daily bathroom conversation ran over 2 hours and spanned everything from her husband and every family member she has, to the last few avenger movies and my scorn for the whole idea of superheroes that need one another and feel guilty about people they couldn’t save.

Only morning photo I’ve got today: I took it showing her how to adjust the exposure and ISO settings on her phone.

I don’t care about superheroes at all mind you; they’re make-believe shit for kids, but that’s where the subject went.

But the conversation moved to that topic after I’d told her I’ve got the nicest drug dealer on earth, then onto Heath Ledger overdosing and the standout role he played as the darkest joker I’ve ever seen.

She thinks batman was boring when Christian Bale played him; I told her he’s meant to be boring and he sure as shit shouldn’t need a phychologist to talk about his feelings with.

Fuck kinda superhero needs a shrink?

10:01 am

I got a fine for not buying a ticket about twenty minutes ago 🙂

The train was just past Leura Station when three transport officers enter the carriage and announce they’re checking opal cards and can everyone have them out ready. 

Since I was in the first seat as they walked in, I got to be first and (not even owning  an opal card anyhow) I immediately unzip my pack and get out the loose cards I’ve got in a stack in the top pocket compartment.

One of them asks me, “opal card please”, while I’ve already started flicking through the stack in my hands, but not for an opal card – I’m looking for my photo ID which I find, tjem hold it out and tell him, “You’re gunna have to just fine me today – I don’t know where my wallet is and I don’t even have an opal card anymore.” 

He amiably takes my ID and starts writing the ticket on his little handheld device while I just sit and wait for him to issue my fine. 

With two addresses on my photo ID, he asks which one and I tell him, “2 Cooper St, yeah”

He continues scribbling with his stylus while I opine, “..that little gem’ll be in my mailbox in a few days I’ll assume?”, and he affirms.

I ask how much the fine is now? $200?

“About that yeah”, he tells me.

“Cheaper than a smoking fine :)”

He nods.

“It costs way less to get a fine every now-and-then than it does to buy tickets.”

Compared to the thousands I’ve saved *never* buying tickets, $200 is a fraction of the money I would’ve paid by now. Told three officers that while they were getting my details, too.

7:59 pm

Alright I’m going to update but it’s been a busy day and I’ve still gotta write and email my invoice to Rosa for the church budget committee meeting in the morning.

So instead of going back and recounting the day in full chronological order of events, in just going to re-cap for now.

10:35 pm

Okay so real quick for now, here’s the bullet- list re-cap of major events for the day; not necessarily in order of chronology. 

  • I found out this afternoon that a few noses are more than a little out of joint because Rosa has given 10 hours of paid work to “a blow-in”, while some volunteers have been her best workers for years and haven’t been offered work. 
  • I’ve discovered that the old guy who’s telling me things about the Jamison Valley is actually an inspirational figure to me, now I’ve not only heard about some if the near death crazy shit that’s happened to him and been given the books and maps and information about yeah: there’s a cave out there that takes two days to get to, but it’s of such historical significance National Parks & Wildlife have deliberately concealed the entrance to the trail that leads there. The cave was in of the ones built during WW2 when they overreacted to the possibility of the ‘Japs’ getting to the Mountains and set-up all sorts of shit to stage ambushes and terrorist attacks on Hitler’s sausage-fingered piglets. The enemy never made it to the Mountains of course, but the caves and other dug-outs are still out there and nationally significant enough the government try to protect it from the hordes of tourists. I know where one of the better quality caves is. But this old guy also knows about convict graveyards in the same basic area, aboriginal sites and even more awesomely the man STILL goes bushwalking now, at like 85 or 90 – although he admits not as energetically these days 🙂
  • I was told by Rebecca that *I* am an inspirational figure to her for a host of reasons all relating to the uncommonly engaging ‘spark’ I have always had imbued into me.
  • Finished the first kitchen, still haven’t done the invoice but it’ll only take a minute – I’ve got my ABN. I’ll do it first thing while I’m at Coles wetting my head at 6:00 am. I’ll order Rebecca to go and work because people who work at the businesses here are getting shitty coming to use the nicest bathroom here every morning and finding we’re in here again talking shit for two hours straight. The blonde chick with the bob hair from the cafe opened the sliding glass door this morning before rolling her eyes and leaving and she’s not first or only business staff female who favours the parents change room. Who’s gunna wash my clothes if she gets fired?

Alright, I’m going to sleep now. 

Night 🙂


Day 13 – Friday, 6 April 2018

Edit: Oops I got distracted this morning actually doing stuff sorry about that.

~8:45 am

I’ve written my invoice and sent it to Rosa. I forgot my bank account details. Gimme a break – it’s too early to have to fuck around with Microsoft Word on my phone and I had to get it sent – I’ll send another one in a minute 🙂

~9:30 am

After dumping my pack at the church and saying “Good morning” about 60 times, I’ve grabbed my garbage-bag with the dirty clothes I have and walked back up to the shopping centre to give them to Rebecca to take home and wash. 

I walk in the outer sliding doors and she’s right there with a trolley containing a few boxes of paper-towels or whatever and talking to an old guy, so I walk-over and put my bag of clothes in the trolly and tell her, “There we go, all yours :)”

She thanks me for my dirty clothes, and I make a point of letting her know they’re my favorite pants in that bag.

“I’ll have them back to you on Monday”, she says, then tells me her and the old guy where just talking about how god gives them whatever. 

*groooooan* Christian god talk.. man.. so close to the doors bitI can’t just walk away now, that’d be a bit rude.

So I listen to this old man tell me how bountiful blah blah is thanks to god and blah blah – all that bullshit – but I listen and nod here or there and try to look like I’m at least listening, though my disinterest was impossible to conceal. 

I’ve already told Rebecca that I’m the centre of my own universe and have no use for a fictitious entity , and seeing how bored I’ve grown listening to the old man babble she’s finally interrupted him with, “Jason isn’t religious”.

“Religion is just make-believe.”, I finally get to tell him.

He didn’t have a bible passage to reference as proof how wrong I am, so just sat and went quiet – that was it for him.

God isn’t washing my clothes Rebecca – you are; god didn’t bring you a coffee at 6:00 am when the first cafe opened while he was there getting himself one; and god didn’t hand me a little bottle of kick-arse floor stripper and god doesn’t give you answers – Google does.


The Cancer Council girl

~3:00 pm

I’m on my way to the library to pick-up the book that’s come and decide to stop for whateverfrom the supermarket, and as I’m walking diagonally in towards Coles this chick selling subscription-based charity calls me over.

Funny, they don’t ask me anymore, and the few that have just got the hand and an “Nope” or “Don’t want any”. If they’re really keen to continue trying to engage me I’ll stop and tell them I just don’t care at all.

I got to that point with this girl the other day but she persisted asking me for a minute, so I persisted in telling her I do not care about sick kids I’ll never even meet, and I won’t be buying any happiness for them anytime soon.

To that she’s responded, “I haven’t talked to anyone for a while. Slow afternoon I guess I’m bored anyway. You don’t have to buy anything.”

“Alright. Maybe next time volunteer for a fluffy animal charity instead of a kids one: I’d pay $1/day to help animals simply because they’re cute and fluffy.”

“These .. all these photos are of dying kids .. look at HER”, I tap my finger on a photo of a little girl with one eye all swollen and puffy, “..yeah gimme animals, please”

No matter how I tried to *negative* her out of talking to me she just responded with loveliness until finally I gave-in and she started telling me about her pets.

** Good **

She told me she’s rescued all her pets from the pound, that she’s never bought one from a pet store, and that’s good. 

Next thing she’s unlocked her iphone with the sparkly pink case and started showing me photos of her cat: orange tabby, stretching here, sleeping there. . Cute. 🙂

4:51 pm

Okay so it’s no visual treat – just a book – but it arrived today from whatever library it came from and reminded me of a bullet-list announcement I forgot to include last night before bed.

I am going to start doing these multi-day walks to the various sites of significance in the middle of nowhere, and I’m going to start with one of the places I’ve been talking to old Brian about the past two weeks.

I won’t be doing it next outing since there’ll be more planning required than the few days lazing around the creek sunbaking I usually do, but shit; the idea of going so far out in the valley it takes me DAYS to get there and days to get back again: how fucking awesome would that be right?

It’d take me a full week if i wanted two days and nights at the destination, but I can’t see how it wouldn’t be worth it: just to discover new shit.

Old Brian tells me the feral cats out there are the reason people believe there are Panthers in the Valley: they’re that big, and they’re aggressive.

He’s told me of encounters with said wild cats where the animal was more than willing to go him just for a bite of him: that if he’d have submitted or backpeddled the cat would’ve attacked. 

There’re wild dogs and dingoes out there in small packs – packs – that will stalk you if they’re hungry enough, though the fact Brian is still here at 90 or so tells us they can’t be that much of a threat.

Hopefully you’ll get to come out there with me – live – since I’ll be keener than ever to do regular live updates as I discover things myself, though speaking practically, I wouldn’t have a clue what kind of signal I’ll get that far out: I know there’ll be an emergency signal of course, but I’ve never had internet access at all when there’s an E where the H/4G usually is so if that’s the only phone carrier two days out in the bush then there’ll be no updating or uploading of anything.

I’ll have to check that too actually: check and pray there’s at least a weak signal I can get angry about; live updates throughout the day would be much much better than having to write it all offline for a full week: you’d have to wait until I got back to town to find out anything at all that way, which would suck a bit.

Hang on, the library’s closing.. 🙂

Oh and I’ve been offered a real SLR camera – mine to keep: proper big glass lense and all 🙂

So many people now have lavished praise on my photography lately: I’ve recieved more encouragement to continue with it, well it’s eclipsed the positive feedback I’ve always been given for artwork I’ve drawn or painted and photography is a shitload easier than creating a beautiful image by hand 😉

Hang on I’ve gotta eat, then wash the cheesy pizza oil off my hands so my screen doesn’t get greasy: nothing worse than a filthy phone screen.

 I’ll bback.

And the chick with the Cancer Council – who tried to sell me fun-times for suffering children: I’ll write you in too because you were pretty cool with my complete lack of care for kids I don’t know 🙂

She told me some people even abuse her for asking them to donate to the Cancer Council: this girl stands there in a shopping centre all day asking people to donate to a kids cancer charity surrounded by a shoppers who reject her more often than not and – being a volunteer – she doesn’t get paid for it.

Amazing thing she’s doing, if you think about it. 

Whether it’s for cats, dogs or human children it’s selfless, benevolent and lovely, made all the more lovely in contrast to how unlovely some of the people she approaches are.

7:32 pm

Alright I’ve had several thoughts while I’ve been eating – though I finished eating a while ago now.

Firstly, one day soon when I’ve got time I want to write about the actual being homeless bit, because the word always pulls-up the mental image of winos sleeping at a park under newspapers or on the side of a footpath – leaning against a brick wall.

Fortunately, I was blessed with the intelligence to rearrange the situation to be more like urban-camping than homelessness: I’m not depressed at all, I sleep in a secure, private place when I’m I  town and wouldn’t even consider sleeping in public places – I hate stepping over bums sleeping right outside the doors of Katoomba Village – homeless or not: they should get themselves a bit of digtity and have a little consideration for other people, rather than sleeping on streets and inflicting their lack of self-worth on strangers.

Yeah that thought didn’t quite go where I planned for it to go, but whatever my point was I don’t feel homeless: I feel like I’m living an experience that’s not only completely new to me but extremely interesting.

I’m perfectly capable of moving into a share place and I’ll have no issue getting another job because I’m an excellent cleaner and cleaning jobs are common.

Just today I invoiced the church for the first kitchen deep cleaning: cleared, processed; payment on the way.

9:45 pm

Eating again, and I’ve got a litre of vanilla custard to drink straight from the carton 🙂

The custard was rubbish compared to the stuff I make. I threw it in the bin.

Another thought I had was how I wish I’d started this site when I was 18 or 20: imagine being able to jump back 5 years or 10, 15 years and see how you thought and wrote then – complete with photos of the period 🙂

10:59 pm

Night Katoomba 🙂


Day 14 – Saturday 7 April 2018

I’ve gotta update yesterday so this tail-end won’t be changing for a bit.

It is 7:32 am.

7:16 pm

How can it be that I can be in the heart of town every day and have no idea there’s a music festival on tonight?

Even today: all day I’m at the church and though I knew they had music there, the first I heard of any festival was walking “home” when i bumped into a council worker outside Coles with a stack of surveys. 

She was asking for feedback on the festival and I took one to fill in, briefly explaining I’m more a live-forest guy than a live-band guy, and since I don’t drink the appeal is lessened all the more.

I suppose I could get baked and go.. actually you know I’ve been AT the church all day and did go into the church itself to watch a pair katoomba high chicks and their teacher (I assume), though I heard the three of them practicing around the back of the driveway for half an hour while I was back there with my vaporizer. 

Beautiful: three females they were, and sung these lovely folky hymns: soft, lulling female voices in perfect pitch and unison. 

I was still there and they were still practicing when an organizer came and asked them if they’re good to go – they were up next – so once I heard them inside singing I went in and watched.

Still lovely, but they sounded notably better practicing in the driveway because that was completely acoustic – the microphone and PA system stripped their voices of something.

I was helping the orange-robed swami pack her vegetarian food stall away for the day. I would probably not even thought of helping, but the woman – out of the blue when I walked past – offered me two apricot and custard turnovers she baked herself at home this morning, plus a whole plate-full of vegetarian dumplings and even wrapped them in brown paper bags for me 🙂

How could I not offer to help right?

This is the sort of benevolence I’m talking about: I am exposed to so many small acts of kindness every day now I’m starting to be kind myself and it’s pretty nice.

Nice change from being a self-centred fuckhead 🙂

Hang on – I’ve got my shirt off and the mozzies are starting to home-in on me..

Still gotta finish yesterday yet. 

I told Rosa this afternoon that I’m pretty sure she’s the best person I’ve ever met: she cares about junkies just as much as nice old ladies who go to church on Sunday. 

She just seems completely possessed by goodness and you can see she gets stressed frequently but she’s got so many people wanting things from her constantly, I’ve only seen her actually sit down once or twice at the end if the day to check emails in the office for a few minutes and she certainly has the patience of a saint.

Rosa isn’t the only person exuding raw goodness of course, but she’s made me aware of the type of good that means anything.

Rebecca giving me that floor stripper, washing my clothes and talking to me at length is good.

The cute fundraising chick outside Coles yesterday: standing there half the day asking shoppers to donate to improve the lives of sick children is good, and even though I told her upfront I wasn’t going to sign my bank account over to them for a cause I never even think about, she still talked to me for a good half an hour about general stuff – also good.

Ali offering me her ex’s SLR camera is obviously good when she needn’t give it away to anyone.

This is Bella – the dog that clearly had worms and doubtlessly still does. Spare a thought for poor Bella, who has had to listen to her owners insane hippie conspiracy dribble for THIRTEEN YEARS. Poor, pooor animal.

The dog’s owner, a 60-something hippie with the full-on headband, never-been-brushed hair, never been trimmed beard .. he’s even got the embroidered, brown velvet hippie vest and corded pants.

A self-fashioned, walking stereotype, he is the dog’s owner, and the dogs’ owner is insane.

The dog’s owner believes drinking your own urine will cure everything, that we’re all idiots for believing the planet is moving or spinning at all, that there is no government at all – just an illusion, that the various parties are fake and that politicians are really just actors and we’re really all just mind-controlled by the Jews.

The dog’s owner thinks taking your animal to a vet is really what causes cancer and kills them. That injecting distilled water into any living creature will cure it completely; whether they be dog, downs-syndrome child or cancer patient.

The dog’s owner knows for a fact that the new 5G mobile network is for mind controlling us directly and so much other dumb shit he rants about to anyone who’ll listen.

I’ve been getting the urge to tell him that the 60’s are gone, that he’s really not Charles Manson and nobodies flocking to hear his profound words.


Don’t get me wrong, the dog’s owner isn’t a bad person, just an annoying one.

One who’d rather spend his life being outraged – just to make a show of being outraged – than do something positive about anything.

Customers can’t get out the shop fast enough once the dog’s owner starts with his “there’s no politics” stupidity.

10,919 words.

I’m averaging 20,000 words a month.

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