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Day 1 – Sunday, 5 April 2018

This morning started with a continuation of last nights mental-woman episode.

Sometime yesterday afternoon – around 3:30 – I’ve plugged my phone in to charge around the corner then went and hung a piss while I waited for the device to charge.

I returned to find a string of messages from a woman with some pretty notable mental problems telling me what a scamming dickless cunt I am for not running to give her tobacco plus other crap for free: earlier in the day she’d text with the more grovelly stuff asking me “please”, ..”do me a favour”, ..”please please” – all that distasteful shit.

I flight-mode my phone and fall asleep shortly after.

This morning I get up and turned flight-mode off which also gets me about 15 messages and 3 missed calls from a woman who’s clearly not right in the head. Not right at all.

I’d copy/paste the texts but there’s no easy way to do it.

Once I’d had coffee and woken up a bit I replied, told her she’s mental, that I’ve probably got the biggest dick she’ll ever see – certainly the thickest, then argued with her a while before ignoring the phone: I’d arrived at the church and the kitchen was noisy enough that I forgot about texting and she eventually forgot about abusing me but that really goes to show you: just because they look doable, doesn’t make them sane 🙂

I walked in the kitchen and the usual sunday lunch kitchen-staff are there – Ahli, Toni and whoever else – dashing back and forth getting food ready for the hall full of scabs waiting to be fed.

I didn’t eat any of lunch today because they’re starting to grate on me: as soon as the cover comes off the tables of take-home free food they all rush the table like rapid animals. They’ve just had a three course meal and cannot be hungry, yet you can see them all squeeze-in to each other like maggots writhing together on rotten meat – to snatch whatever’s good before anyone else gets it.

Soon as they’ve filled their bags with whatever they can carry, they fuck off wherever they came from – hot lunch still smeared across their faces.

If you threw a packet of tim-tams on the floor they’d fight over it and I’m fed-up with witnessing such human beings as base as that.



Day 2 – Monday, 7 May 2018

8:20 am

I’m having the free fried breakfast at the Salvos mostly because the library won’t open for over an hour yet. This is the second week in a row they’ve got my order wrong now too; last week they’ve put fried tomato on the plate when I’ve asked for just eggs and toast, this week it’s baked beans and they’ve scrambled the eggs.

Yeah it’s free so I shouldn’t complain right? Problem is I’m not hungry enough to eat at this time of the morning – let alone choke-down shit that tastes fucking awful.

I’ll go in a minute because I didn’t come for the company and the food sucks. Rebecca didn’t come this morning – said she didn’t feel welcome there and they were cold.

She didn’t miss much.

Everyone says the Salvos suck as far as services go, but I’ve only ever had the breakfast so I can only judge the food – which sucks.

I have to do yesterday soon.

11:39 am

I’m at the library for a while because I bothered to get my tablet and keyboard today and require a flat surface to use them, plus that hot redhead is here – she’s always here: really stuck-up expression, but really toned and fit so I’m quite happy to ignore the face when the body’s that good but I do wish she’d smile or something so I didn’t have to mentally crop-out her face when I’m mentally doing her.

This morning I had breakfast, then went back to Coles for a morning coffee with Rebecca. Everything was alright until she dared try and tell me the Giant Staircase can’t be considered part of a bushwalk, since it’s “just a staircase”.

I told her it is indeed part of a bushwalk since regardless which way down you go, you cannot get to the trails without walking down a shitload of steps on any of the entrances. I asked whether she’d every been down or up the giant staircase at all and she admitted she hadn’t, at which point I told her she should walk down and up at least once before commenting on a 1000 step staircase cut right into the side of a cliff-face.

She got a bit pissed I think, but the whole topic started with my telling her my universe feels misaligned suddenly: all of it really; like everything’s skewed just slightly off of awesome then her telling me I must be bored in town all day which is correct.

Yes Rebecca I need to go down and zen out like an animal in the rainforest, yes it’s been a month or so, and yes it’s getting boring in town, “Other people get fat sitting around town Rebecca, not me.”

And, completely unrelated, here’s a very poor photo of a Parrot downstairs taking a bath in the creek I drink from. Had I the 12x optical zoom of the dSLR camera I could’ve got that photo flawlessly clear and crisp without the washed-out look from the rubbish digital zoom on the phone’s otherwise excellent camera. Chubby sucker would’ve filled the frame too.

To illustrate how rubbish digital zoom is compared to optical I’ve gone outside and taken a few photos from the roof here. One at maximum zoom with both this phone and the camera. We’ll just do a side-by-side of the zoom shots – cropped in about the same place ..

Phone digital zoom

Camera optical zoom

Digital Zoom turns good photos into rubbish, is the point, though I was bored with that zoom comparison shit thirty minutes before I reduced it to two photos, so moving on.

I’ve still gotta do about five days of updates but I’ll let the other days slide because two days ago is as far back as I care about although – since coffee with Rebecca this morning – I’ve been at the library on and off and have got something done which is, something.

5:54 pm

The tablet is flat and I’m back on my phone, having just finished another camera-camera test behind the Carrington Hotel. I realize the camera thing is boring, but I can make it slightly less so by letting you in on what I’m looking for, then you’ll at least know what I’m trying to establish.

I want to know whether there’s any reason for an actual camera-camera versus the convenience of a phone that does everything well except zoom: not only with this camera, but any camera.

So far, the camera-camera is lovely to use, and even has individual physical sliders to directly adjust the aperture size, shutter speed and other things I don’t know about yet, while the phone only has a menu on screen you’ve gotta navigate and no physical buttons at all, so the camera-camera feels more organic to use: I can completely control the all the inner bits with the physical buttons and sliders on the camera body, because there’s a button or slider for every photo-related function – you never need to use the menu at all except to set the date or delete photos.

Hang on, I’ll get the photos of the old bathtub from the camera-camera…

Okay, I’ve got a new featured image good enough to watermark I think..

 The Carrington you don’t see #2 🙂

 Victorian era hotel too.

I wish that plastic milk crate wasn’t there, but both the photos above required optical zoom and the flash on the camera reaches further.

Neither would’ve been doable with the phone with the same clarity.

One more Carrington you don’t see..

#3 🙂


Day 3 – Tuesday, 8 May 2018

^ That’s pretty much all I’ve done this morning 🙂

3:38 pm


4:23 pm

The Carrington you don’t see #4



Day 4 – Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Goodness that went well 🙂

The hug was a bit nervous but that’s to be expected given the circumstances x

The first person to weigh-in with an opinion was Rebecca – the cleaner at Coles – who said we look good together 🙂

5:09 pm

A whole day and no update.

I know what I want to say. Actually: ❤

I’ll write something more gracefully worded later: if you’re anything like me – which you appear to be – you’ll be processing about now: processing and thinking.

I am x

Thinking I would’ve done this 5 years ago if she’d said more than “a tent’s not warm enough for winter Honey. Find somewhere warm okay?” 🙂

Too dark walking past for a flower, but here’s something pretty anyway..

I scored another merino top today – a black one that matches my freshly washed then. That’s 4 pretty thick jumpers I’ve got on and the green mothy one is at the church because I don’t want to carry anymore jumpers with me in the afternoon: it isn’t cold enough to wear a jumper here, until about 5:00pm when it’s just suddenly ice cold and you suddenly need all your jumpers.

Until you need them – my point is – they’re just dead weight to have to carry around.


Day 5 – Thursday, 10 May 2018

4:53 pm

There we go.

6:28 pm

Alright now it’s only just got cold enough to get me I my sleeping-bag, and inside is fine – body temperature, comfortable. Outside, my fingers are cold, actually just the fingertips that’re exposed are cold, but I’ll warm them up in a minute to make writing easier.

And I’ve gotta write the minor epiphany I’ve had about relationships with a logical example to back me up 🙂

Okay my fingers stay warm too if I keep them in the sleeping-bag with the rest of me.

I’ve always felt like I’m floating around aimlessly when I’m not with a woman: like half the core dynamic of life is missing and although there’s always exceptions to the rule, I have concluded that being single is an unnatural state for a human.

The most obvious evidence is the biological drive we have to be attracted to the opposite sex: the opposite sex is always more attractive when you’re single.

When most people are in a relationship though, the other members of the opposite sex become more whatever.

The attraction we have for the opposite sex is all the proof you need: if we were meant to be alone we wouldn’t give the opposite sex a second glance let alone still remain chemically attracted to them.

That’s it: short, sweet, simple argument 🙂

Yeah I’m pretty warm in here.

Takeli meant well but I already knew I’d be warm enough to sleep – which is all that really matters when you go to bed: long as you get sleep.

I didn’t take any photos today really, though I do have one from Tuesday I didn’t get around to uploading 🙂

Behold! The alluminum-foil flying rabbit Toni made in “art” therapy class 🙂


Day 7 – Saturday, 12 May 2018

7:32 am

No Day 6 at all gasp! 🙂

First up, I’ve determined the potential Woman #8 was a non-event, though the fact I’d only been interested for a week or so means I can cut that off at the knees on-the-spot without any issue.

Secondly, I got about an hours sleep last night because it was too cold, windy and noisy yet I’ve gotta do the op-shop today so prepare for the laziest excuse for a shop attendant ever – just packing all this shit away will finish my energy reserves by the end of the day and customers will need to go elsewhere to watch someone act like a clown – the op-shop will be open but the circus is closed for the day 🙂

Thirdly, I’ve discovered the correct spelling of Ahli’s name is Ahlei – which looks even better.

Beautiful name, she’s Maltese and the fittest woman who works here. She’s also a Tauren female – meant to be a perfect match for a Virgo male – though since she works here she was ruled-out of any potential romantic focus along with everyone else who works here: I’ve got bigger things to do here than try and get laid.

The op-shop made about $75 yesterday and that wasn’t a bad day, though a weekday and cold out but that’s not the point: I can make $160 a day myself as a common cleaner on minimum wage – an op-shop should be capable of making more money than a cleaner can each day, so $75 takings for a shop with this much space is fucking laudable and has to be changed.

I also don’t know why we’re still stuck with Takeli cooking on Thursdays and now this ridiculous old woman – Pam – cooking Sundays: both act like Kitchen Nazis and Ahli can .. fuck you know any of us could cook a shitload of stew in a huge pot and butter some bread for the oven – it’s not The Hilton at dinnertime and the Carrington provides trays of hot food every Sunday so our kitchen doesn’t have to cook everything.

Ahlei wants to have the kitchen but both these two other women act like they’re the only people ever cooked a pot of soup and I’ll be putting Pam in her place tomorrow if she gives me any reason.

She doesn’t gotta go, but she’s gotta be put down a bit.

Waiting for Tanya to froth my milk 🙂

11:35 am

Rebecca came in and we both decided to close the op-shop early. Early like, half an hour ago.

There’s no market stalls on out front and it’s meteorologically predicted to be bad, which the lack of tourists in town reflects and so the shop is shut and I’ve got a very roomy private space all to myself for the day, which is better than a public library.

There’s also no Mandy, Toni, Ahlei or Rosa here today and with only two of us there’s not enough atmosphere to make people want to stay in the shop and purchase, so closing early was fine by me today.

Rebecca and I managed not only to pack the op-shop away completely in around 40 mins, we managed to pack it all so compactly that there’s two square meters inside the door of unused floor space with everything packed away. I’ll get a photo…

I won’t get a photo: suffice to say we did an excellent job efficiently packing-up.

I can hear the pigeons in the roof right above me coohoo’ing.

Of course, this means I’ve got peace and quiet all afternoon to update this, And I’ve got a list already wrote of topics to update..

I’ll get coffee and comfortable then begin.

And Mandy, I meant a personal site to upload your thoughts to – not a business/facebook/ebay site. Our resident vivacious redhead was in a while ago – that’s just an addendum to the conversation 🙂

Told me she’s started reading this site, but where does one start. I told her anywhere, that everything is added to categories that increasingly cover most topics: light or dark for example, relates to the mood of a post; clicking dark will show you all the bad weeks I’ve had while Light will list the good.

Eventually I want to group them by emotions and use colour-coding for each, but all the time it’d take to add new styles to the css and find an easy way to implement it in everyday use – makes me groan at the thought.

Anyway I gave her the disclaimer that I’d never really tried to write before, so the earlier posts aren’t written as well as the more recent ones since my writing has improved over time.

Of course Rosa came back with the weekly samples of hominy bakery cakes. I’ll have the cardamon cake next 🙂

The other two are chocolate and taste like brownies 🙂

My phone has been nagging me to update for weeks now, so I’m going to do it now then be back.

Alright it’s updated and I’ve been adding to the last few bits. Bit weird being here alone. Rebecca told be there’s a ghost here, which sounds nice and spooky an’ all, but I don’t believe in ghosts and the weirdness isn’t due to any kind of ethereal presence: just that blanket of silence that swallows the hall when it’s empty.

Anyway Rosa’s dogs are feeling better so Rosa herself looks less stressed and although she was a bit stressy yesterday it wasn’t dog related, but whining people offloading on her and I know I’ve grown to hate people who’d rather just complain than do anything about anything and I’ve only had a tiny taste of what Rosa would have to listen to every day.

That’d stress anyone out.

Hang on I’m eating. Cottage cheese on buttered toast 🙂

5:32 pm

My list.. it’s gone dark.



Day 8 – Sunday, 13 May 2018

8:54 am

Pretty good approximation of how I felt waking-up last night inhaling my own vomit.  No idea how that happens when I don’t drink at all and it may have been the hot-dogs. Anyway inhaling it sent me coughing my hole up then running outside to spray stomach acid all over the plants around the backdoor at midnight.


4:39 pm

Okay I’ve got iced-coffee and regular hot coffee, angus beef pies in the oven, Farmhouse Gold yogurt for dessert and my feet up on the gas heater.

Because according to Toni, I’m Rosa’s favorite 🙂


Today, rather than eat lunch or listen to Pam wankin’ on like she’s irreplaceable in the kitchen then telling her she’s not, I played the grand piano on the church altar: church was cancelled this morning – of the whopping six oldies who are the entire congregation, four stayed home with their colds – so no church today and I got to play all day, and did.

Played while they setup the food and cooked, played while the Eaters arrived and ate, played while they finished and cleared and cleaned everything away.

I remember the chords for Let It Be, and was trying to construct a lighter more complicated version of it for about two hours on and off and it wasn’t sounding bad but then the place closed and we locked-up and left.

Ahlei opened the church door at one point, leaned in and asked me if I was okay, “you’re pretty quiet today”

I told her I was quite alright and simply not hungry, though writing this now I kind’ve feel like I missed-out on the people I do like who were there, but the people I like are there most days anyway 🙂


I’d still be playing now if the church didn’t have to close.



Day 9 – Monday, 14 May 2018

8:29 am

I’ve been to my secret place this morning and retrieved both the case with my tablet and keyboard as well as my lithium ion batteries so I can charge them.

Anyway I’ve got the keyboard so I don’t have to use my thumb to type today, and theoretically should get more done.

Theoretically I should get more done. Practically however, well you know how it goes 🙂

I was looking at that featured image and thinking that fuckin silly angry bird beanie should not be sold: he’ll go in any jacket or shirt or jumper and become a fixture in the shop…

You see even in a dimly lit room packed with shit he still stands out 🙂

I’ve started addressing the other workers as my underlings, but yeah, you know they are mostly: they’ll sit in a chair all day doing nothing at all unless you get on the fuckers to stand up and move.

“UNDERLINGS! Birdman needs a change of clothes!!”

Ahlei, Amanda and Toni aren’t underlings – they’re mums: just present them with clothes and they start folding and sorting automatically – like they cannot help themselves. They usually do the lions share of work while the underlings sit in the corner mumbling 🙂

I could sort clothes, but that’s woman shit and I tell customers they’ll have to ask one of them, since I’m male and try not to pay attention to the clothes.

Speaking of woman shit, or non-woman shit, I’ve got a box of eletronic stuff from the stage and there’s plenty more up there. I’ll sort some of that. 

Ahh my big, thick texta Mandy – finally got that just then – only a few days late 🙂


Day 10 – Tuesday, 15 May 2018

7:54 am

I’ve just ordered coffee from the hole in the wall at the train station applying the minimum civility necessary to get the coffee made without being spat in, and was only slightly more polite ordering the first latte from Tanya at the waffle place, mostly because she’s Tanya.

But ordering coffee from Tanya at the waffle place wouldn’t have been necessary if I didn’t have to do a sweep of the hall and catch any incriminating evidence before anyone gets there this morning, which wouldn’t have been necessary had some fat fuck not opened the hall at 7:00 last night for some stupid sword-collectors meeting for him and his two friends.

Fuck me what a hassle.

Top that off with one of the church women – Bronwyn – walking in at about lunch time yesterday and finding me there ..

Now I’ve arrived in Lawson only to discover I’ve lost my card, so I go to the St George ATM and the fucker’s out of service. Tap’n’Pay with my phone isn’t setup and I’m in Lawson with no way of using the money in my bank..

Fuck me what else can go wrong: the days only just started.

Find out soon enough – Bronwyn will be at the church before I am this morning and I’m quite sure she’ll fill Ahlei in.

Not that Ahlei’s going to care about that, but the secret was meant to stay a secret and no longer is.

So the party’s over and it’s damage-control mode today.

An old church is a pretty creepy place to stay when it’s empty anyhow. I didn’t get an hours sleep the first night just because of the silence.

4:12 pm

Okay there was no fall-out from Bronwyn visiting the church; she’s fine, though I’ve no idea whether the fatman with the swords had a whinge at Rosa about finding me there.

Matter of fact I somehow ended-up walking away this afternoon with three more keys than I had when I arrived 🙂

Ahlei gave me the only set of keys to the house in addition to the hall key – I had a load of washing on and hadn’t had my shower yet and when I did finally finish in there and come outside all the women were right outside the bathroom window drinking tea.

Kinda nice going out and finding it was them making all the noise out there instead of junkies, pissheads or weirdos. Hard to hear when you’re in the shower under running water.

Honestly I sleep better on concrete at my secret place, that blonde Barbera asked about: her and her now ex husband can’t be in the same room as one another so when he gets back in another few days, she’ll have to go to Sydney for a few days etcetera.

“A slab of solid concrete in a sleeping-bag isn’t dignified enough you’re a woman”

Of course she was joking, but what a waste of a beautiful woman: the best thirty years of her life given to some arsehole who pays her back doing something like that.

I told her if I could put-up with someone for thirty years, I wouldn’t be capable of letting them go.

Told me it’s all over for her and while fifty’s certainly getting there, she looks better than I do and I’m six years her junior.

There was an interesting conversation went on this morning – not an argument at all of course; just two opposing views – between Barbera and Ahlei that vividly highlighted the difference between the typical single-power-mum-attitude Ahlei’s got and the still-want-a-partner attitude Barbera still has.

The latter is rare with today’s fucked excuse for social values. The sisterhood has ruined harmony between the two sexes: there is no ‘brotherhood’ of course because most men have never hated women – it’s all their thing.

Though Barbera probably won’t want another partner either; once she’s felt that emotional tearing constantly for however long divorce and separation go on for.

And there’s a new volunteer at the church: name’s apparently Norbit. I got a bad vibe from him two weeks ago, and now several of the women have said they get a bad feeling from him too.

Sortta guy who’d tell women he’s gay just to befriend them then sneak around their house at night peering in windows: he’s TOO keen, TOO fit, TOO buffed, TOO loud and familiar with everyone – especially the women – and the more he talks one-on-one with the other volunteers the more I’m hearing little kinks he’s let slip to them.

Both times he’s been there now he’s asked any women if they want to come abseiling/bushwalking/camping with him, of course everybody has said no thanks but every week he asks, and you can see just looking at him that he could just as easily drive over the nicer end of town, tell you his name is Brad and do a convincing impression of the nice single dad missing his kids and lonely mothers would be dumb enough to fall for it.

To us at the church, he’s said he’s been convicted and jailed numerous times but hasn’t disclosed any reasons, until he told Toni a tale of an encounter with a local cop who was apparently “harassing” him. The story ended with him slamming the cops head in the boot of his car, when the cop asked to see in the boot and he claims that’s why he was in prison.

On the same day he’s told Toni he can turn his anger off like a switch.

He talks a lot of shit.

The thought he could be randomly leering in the windows of any of the women I know while masturbating is enough reason for me to want the cunt gone. “Sexual Predator” was the first impression I had of him and that’s only been reinforced over the few weeks he’s been volunteering. I’ve treated him like he’s invisible when I’ve talked to one of the others and he’s there.

Now this morning Pam – the old woman I’d been sharpening my tongue for – walks in the hall and out-of-the-blue asks if anyone else thinks there’s something off or strange about that new guy Norbit: the whole time Sunday lunch was going on this guy was in the kitchen talking to Pam, and every time I’d come out the church for a smoke he’d be talking to her.

Mandy asked for my number this morning, which I gave her yet she hasn’t used it all day: must be something wrong with her 🙂

Better not be his clothes you’re washing Mandy.

Don’t make me give you the snake-eyes 🙂


Day 11 – Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Today, I had the shits half the day because all the blankets and winter stuff up on the stage is not for sale in case a homeless or newly homed person needs them, yet that’s what would sell if they were brought down into the shop.

Jackets are popular at the moment too because it’s getting colder and $10 for a 100% woolen blanket is pretty fuckin’ cheap, and they’d sell as well as jackets.


Toni eventually got there and her and Ahlei rolled away a whole woolies trolley full of stuff to vanish, then Betty wanted ‘just one table’ moved which turned into one table and about 20 chairs.

I’d finished moving all the chairs around the tables for Betty and told her I’d be back shortly for my designated piano time, then went back in the hall and wouldn’t have gone back to play the piano at all, had I not noticed I’d left it open yesterday: I had to play it so I could close it afterwards and pull the cover back over it.

I have to say, the more I play that grand piano, the more I like it. I always open the lid now because it sounds muffled with the lid closed and only half the volume.

A deep warm tone it has.

I’d finished playing and returned to the hall to wait for the food truck delivery on a swivel chair when Betty from the church comes back in the hall with some other old woman and they both kinda rattle on over towards me.

“Come to make a complaint about my table-moving Betty? Did I miss a chair? :)”

She tells me no, smiles that unnervingly innocent smile and says the chairs are fine no complaints and I’m perplexed because – literally – the only times I’ve seen Betty make her way into the hall is when she wants furniture moved and I just moved them all for her.

And you never see her walk in; She just appears like a ghost and stands waiting until some sucker follows her to the church to set-up fifteen tables and a roomful of chairs.

For those of you great unwashed who are not on top of time-management enough to keep up with the daily comings and goings of people I know, Betty is one of the churches 6 congregation, looks about 100 and teaches some kind of afternoon tutoring for primary kids. Few weeks ago I tell her I’ll have to start hassling her soon about my wanting to play that grand piano on the altar and so the next day she informs me that I can use that piano anytime I lime while she’s there as long I keep setting up her little Kathmandu tables for her.

I accepted her conditions, though since then I’ve played the piano anytime I want whether Betty’s there or not.

So now, whenever Betty is there I’ve pretty much gotta deal with setting up a little classroom before I can even start playing the instrument.

Whenever Betty is not there, well I can just walk in and play it.

Still, I’ve gotta do her tables anyway because I’d only look like an arsehole if I refused to go and help an old lady who’s asking me to help her.

Yesterday afternoon though, I’d already done her fold-up classroom, played the piano and closed/covered it and said goodbye for the day, do what could she want?

She tells me she’s sorry to bother me, but the other old woman with her has something for me. “A gift”, Betty says smiling in what had to be her most sheepish way at me.

“A gift, huh?”

The other woman takes a step or two forward and holds a pink hallmark envelope out for me to take.

Mmm. “Thank you” I tell the woman, tjem ask what’s inside?

“Well why don’t you open it and see”, Betty suggests, with that same sheepish smile, I tear open the top flap and slide the folded stack of paper out to find this…

The complete song, exactly the same arrangement I was learning from one of Norah Jones’ piano sheet music books, though I did tell Betty it was Norah Jones.

As soon as I’ve seen the music I remembered telling Betty that I need the sheet music to learn the rest of that song – she said she’d ask another lady at the church to see if she could find it for me.

I’d forgotten all about it 🙂

Not only all five pages of the song, but an unspoken, obvious invitation to use the piano – how sweet of them 🙂



9:07 pm

I’ve just finished a little tub of Gibbsland Dairy lemon curd yogurt and it was excellent, unsurprisingly because it was 6% fat, when I realized I haven’t informed her yet that the higher the fat content the smoother and creamier the yogurt is, and all the low-fat yogurts I’ve had are too acidic tasting.

All the higher fat content dairy products are smoother and creamier, although that coconut yogurt you go on about sounds good, so did that $7/litre coconut milk I couldn’t drink 🙂


Day 12 – Thursday, 17 May 2018

3:36 pm

What happened today..

Talked to Mandy, talked to Toni, Rosa came back I talked to her. Other than that I simply played the piano all day.

I didn’t have the shits today, but wanted to learn the bridge/chorus section from “The Nearness of You” and got a lot of the fingering though my timing is still wrong.

I’ll finish yesterday so you’re filled- in, because the piano thing is relevant.

Seeya Toni!! Have fun!


Hang-on a minute.

Yeah I’ll finish yesterday first.

Incidentally, Toni said she doesn’t want to go to Lismore because she’ll miss us all and the op-shop.

I gave her a hug before she went off up the steps to the library, just in case she chokes on her own vomit and dies 🙂

I’m outside tonight in the comparative cold, so it’s fish and chips for dinner. Actually it’s not very cold, and I’ll be asleep by the time it is.

Of course she asked, “Why you photo fish??”, so I told her for here but I’ve always been transfixed by the cute Asian animal things: The gold cats with the wavy arms, the little mirrors and the fish is just as inviting to look at for some reason.. think it’s the weirdness of the sequins.

Some underpaid sweatshop kid did a good job of that fish! 🙂

Even the coin-loving Asian chick runs the takeaway is in here – and she found the blue $2 coin so the hunt is over for that.

6:04 pm

I just saw a rat run past then stop a second and run back where it came from and it occurred to me I haven’t fed them for a while. Hope they don’t get hungry enough to eat the baits.

Where was I..

Mandy told me she liked my entry where I was stuck at the bottom of the staircase waiting for gravity to get the better of a group of senior citizens so I could finally get it started and done for the day 🙂

I still remember one old woman asking me if they can call a taxi from Leura Forest 🙂

Mandy also offered to wash my clothes again today – I got distracted by the excellent peridot green earrings she had in that perfectly matched the top she had on.

That’s two days in a row she’s offered to wash my clothes, and she knows I had a shower and washed all my clothes 2 days ago so I shouldn’t smell bad enough for her to be hinting at that. 🙂

She also put aside a relatively valuable vase she found in the free bin yesterday morning: Nell McSomething, that’s worth enough to add to a market stall instead of the op-shop.

I loved the organic shape of the vase as soon as I wrestled it out of her hands and looked at it. I’ll take a photo of it tomorrow – it’s a very attractive design.


Day 13 – Friday, 18 May 2018

6:37 am

Okay I’ve arrived at the hall early this morning and I’m waiting for daybreak to lighten the place up, while sitting in front of the heater.

My net isn’t working for some reason, but with two hours to kill, well here we are. I slept at my secret place last night, but woke at 4:30 am, thought “I don’t have to wait until Coles opens at 6:00 am”, so, “I’ll just go to the church – go out back and make a proper hot plunger coffee instead this frigid-cold, coffee flavoured milky bullshit.” and again, here we are..

Though I’m waiting mostly for the kitchen to open so I can run through that middle bit of the song – before the drug-induced short-term memory loss swallows hours of learning yesterday – I won’t shun the op-shop today: just play while the shop is empty because I know Betty will suddenly appear wanting tables moved at around lunch.

I’ve just gotta accept that the op-shop will always make $20 a day.

Less than a week ago a pretty homeless looking woman came in and handed me $45 for two blankets then thanked me for making her warm – which is unnecessary since she paid for the blankets, not me, but even the poor and needy can and will pay if they need something or want it and it sure beats the shit outta giving kids crap away for free.

Mandy, Toni, I – and whoever else – will have to arrange market stalls if we want to sell anything from the shop for more than $3.

6:17 pm

Well there was no Betty today so I didn’t have to arrange furniture, but also no Toni because she went to Lismore and almost no Mandy because – so I’ve heard – she has herself a new kitten 🙂


Day 15 – Sunday, 20 May 2018

8:25 am

Day 15 will be in place of yesterday because I’ve got things still require writing but haven’t, and I hate having to start new posts, although a fortnight at a time it’s enough text for any single post.

I’ve got that made and in my drink bottle because pretty soon the fucktards, sob stories, perverts, rapists and scabby degenerate filth will start slithering up the driveway licking their lips for free food.

Only two of my women will be here today: Rosa and Ahlei.


I’ll get rid of the bed-hair and come back to update for yesterday.

Actually I’ll copy this bit into a new post because they’re always a fortnight and have to start another one anyway.

Okay okay where was I..

I’ll start a new post. Say goodbye to birdman for now 🙂

He’s well, by the way.

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