Outing #52: “Yes” πŸ’•

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Mandy And I Are Together πŸ’•

Done deal.

You’re pretty adorable🌹❀🌹



Day 2 – Monday, 4 June 2018

Alrighty now .. gunna get on top of this shit today because everything’s shut so I’ll have nothing to distract me.

The library doesn’t open until 10:00 am, so I’ll go to the salvation army breakfast – maybe: I’m not hungry so I don’t know if the eggs and toast are worth it, at all, but I’ve also got two hours to kill.


They got my order right, which warranted a photo given they’ve never managed that before, so I’ve ordered another egg which looks even better actually.

Though, it’s margarine…

Finding a place and another job are accelerating rapidly to the top of my priorities list.

10:18 pm

I’m in the library now and I’m going to recoil the vaporizer while I’ve got a table, which won’t take long πŸ˜‰

I have an ocean of thoughts – good thoughts – that are hard to put into words; writer’s block mm not an issue I’m usually afflicted by but

Day 4 – Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Dairy is covered xox

4:42 pm

I’ve just escaped being a prisoner in another of JJ’s monologues: told her I had to go outside to smoke and left the library.

Honestly, she just goes on and on and changing the subject to Brian’s moving into the Cecil with JJ and the other old folks, that just started her on a speech about residents smoking too close to the doors.

Brian finally bought a cheap mobile phone this morning and has entrusted it’s set-up and activation to me, then said maybe we can do the activation in the morning and I just charge the battery tonight πŸ™‚

Suits me, though activation is pretty fast anyway and I can see there’s a good chance Brian will simply make the 5-minute process take considerably longer.

I did Betty’s chairs and tables this afternoon, then played well for a while until the food truck got there. My fingers were warm enough to work today πŸ™‚

After I’d done the tables and chairs for her kids’ tutoring class, she asked how I was and I told her I was in love, that I am very good indeed.

She congratulated me and even patted my arm and told me how lovely that is and I’m told Betty isn’t one to even smile at most people: very serious expression she apparently carries mm.

My day started with Mandy and she coordinated the op-shop like a queen as usual: everyone consulted her on what to throw or keep where any doubt existed, had me ‘vanishing’ garbage- bags of clothes and bringing suitcases down to be sorted and yes – she knows good quality.

My day is about to end with Mandy xox

Just gotta squeeze-in another smoke or two on the way there: she’s given me a month to stop, which I agreed to, but told me I can go nuts until the end of the month πŸ™‚

She’s told me I can smoke myself sick if I like, but only until the 30th June ❀

I will too πŸ˜‰

Day 5 – Thursday, 7 June 2018

Today we went for another round of new couple attention at the church, with two of the volunteers evidently unaware we’ve become attached.

They know now, and the atmosphere in the op-shop is alive with Mandy, Toni, Barbara, Cathy and Ahlei all in there talking to each other and customers. Sales reflect that too with ~$90 today and ~$120 yesterday and the tables and racks look fresh now thanks to all the work the women have done lately.

Talking to Ahlei while packing-up earlier, she’s commented on the vibe in the shop being noticeably better, and attributed a lot of that to Mandy’s direction: nobody has to walk around aimlessly while she’s there – she knows what things are worth, what is garbage and delegates jobs to everyone so it’s a coordinated group activity.

She’s also lovely and warm with people, so nobodies got a problem with her filling that role because she’s fuckin’ great at it xo

We both scored excellent jackets today fresh from a new delivery of donated clothes.

Well, She scored them: one a duck-down MacPac jacket that fits her better and will keep her exceptionally warm, the other a kind’ve thin wetsuit type outer-shell I’ve had on all day and that’s very warm too.

Both black πŸ™‚

Add to that the classic, black, pure wool coat Mandy gave me last night and it’s been an excellent 24 hours for high-quality winter clothing.

And thank you ❀ Xox

3:50 pm

Brian’s just walked out the library and he’s apologised for no-showing to pickup his new phone today. I told him that’s cool I’ll be there tomorrow and to bring his wallet because we need one form of ID.

I tried to get him to go for a $150 touch-screen phone the other day – at Big-W – telling him he’s better of getting used to a touch-screen now since the cheap button-phones can’t do much but Brian went with just that kind of phone for $59, explaining that he’d upgrade to an iphone later for some hearing-aid app he’s got himself set on.

“That’s about a thousand bucks Brian, a new iphone.”

That’s when he’s told me a good hearing aid is about $5000 and about an app that’s only available for iphones.

I tried to tell him there’d be dozens of hearing-aid apps on both apple and android platforms but he wanted that particular app.

I left his phone in the office at the church of course, since why carry it around for nothing.

I’ve just re-added the two mushrooms randomly – I inadvertently deleted it changing the featured image and had to add it somewhere.

8:06 pm

Dinner was lovely xo

Except for the chicken, which barely defrosted let alone cooked. The main course was lovely though, especially with the bread.

I brought a bread roll Mandy had wrapped in cling-wrap for me and took the bun out to find she’d cut and buttered it for me, as well as wrap it ❀

I don’t think I’ve even felt annoyed at her once so far, she’s so warm and open with me, which is remarkable in itself and we already function as a team β€

Twice today I grew impatient with the other volunteers, though both were kind’ve justified.

The first irritating moment this morning was when Mandy had just given me the order to make tea not just for her but all four of them and I’d come back out to ask who wants milk and/or sugar.

I’ve looked at one of the other women and she’s told me, “One sugar and milk Jason, thank you!”, to which I’ve nodded, said “Alright”, then asked Barbera what kind of tea she wanted and just as she’s started talking the other women’s jumped-in with that shrill voice of hers and repeated “Two sugars and milk please!”.

Barbara speaks at a reasonable volume you understand, and this other chick just drowned her out completely. I didn’t hear anything Barbara said, so I asked Barbera again.

Again this other chick honked over the top of Barbara “I’ll have one sugar and a bit of milk thank you!”

Five times I’ve tried asking Barbara what she wanted, and five times the other woman shouted over her so I still couldn’t go and make the tea because I still didn’t know which sort of tea Barbara had been telling me she wanted and I ended-up practically shouting back at the offending female “YEAH I KNOW what YOU WANT – I wanna hear what BARBARA wants    ..*FUCK!!!*”

Finally found out and went back to the kitchen to make the tea; rinsing Mandy’s cup in boiling water to sterilize it before making her tea like I always do at the church.

We’re both Virgo and understand being particular about little things, both know the kinds of people who drink from the cups at the church and I don’t care for any biological trace of them reaching her lips.

Day 6 – Friday, 8 June 2018

5:16 pm

I have met her father, just had coffee with them both and he seems like a thoughtful, reserved and intelligent man.

I should state for the record that I really didn’t want to meet any parents until I can tell them I’ve got a job and a place, but he arrived as I was getting out the shower so what can you do?

Anyway he’s as lovely as Mandy, and aside from those first few moments of awkward when he first arrived and met me, the conversation flowed fine. He’s smart enough to pickup on the subtle humour his daughter and I chuckle at and there were a few moments like that since we weren’t fooling anyone with the ‘work colleagues’ routine and when she told her father, “Since my shoulder keeps playing-up, Jason’s been bringing me groceries Dad”, I smirked and answered “Yes :)”, to which Mandy agreed, “Yes,..” and her father echoed the same sentiment, “Yes.”

“Good word, yes :)”

“Yes”, Mandy replies to me again in that soft, warm voice xo

She edits my posts to remove typing errors and spelling mistakes that bug her, and has the ability to edit or delete any post I’ve written – I trust her completely ❀

6:38 pm

I’ve just finished eating dinner before it gets cold: Love your Lasagne πŸ™‚

Day 7 – Saturday, 9 June 2018

3:50 pm

It’s been a slow day today, with no op-shop and no Mandy, but I managed to push on through, clean, re-coil and re-cotton my vaporizers today.

With less than a month to the stop-smoking deadline I figure they should be functional again and are.

The shop was packed-up hours ago, but I stayed behind to clear my backpack of rubbish and do my atomizers.

Mandy’s gone on a field-trip with her dad and Daniel for some family time and I understand he doesn’t get up here that frequently so that’s fine ❀

Waiting now to go to the shops then over hers for – what I assume will be vegetarian – dinner with the three of them.

Dinner with the parents.


I’ll try not to say anything too stupid πŸ™‚ Xox

Since I’ve got no attractive photos from today yet, I want to insert this fruitloaf we had as toast the other day.. real butter for us thank you πŸ™‚ x

11:21 pm

Alright I’ve gotta go to sleep in a minute, but dinner with her Dad went well and was fish, salad and potatoes with sour cream.

The dinner was excellent, and even the avocado wasn’t bad with the rest of the salad and dressing.

Mandy and I are both equally afflicted by vagueness: apt to either forget what we were going to say or veer off the conversational topic never to return πŸ™‚

I went into the kitchen to make coffee in my bottle as a takeaway and just before I started looking for that excellently shaped tupperware funnel she has, I’ve thought about her Dad saying he lives on a little 6 acre semi-rural property and I thought, ** That wouldn’t be bad way to retire – on a little property in some kind of comfortable dwelling – I’ll tell her that. God anything but a retirement home! **

Soon as I’d started concentrating on the amounts of sugar, coffee and milk though the thought about the farm just evaporated.

Few minutes later Mandy walks in the kitchen and I remember I had to tell her something, “I’ve just had a thought!” but not the thought itself, forcing me to admit that’s all I’ve got until I remember what I was about to say. 

The discussion snaps back to what she was saying when she entered the room and to be honest I can’t remember what that was about now either, but minutes rolled by when suddenly I remembered the thought and interrupted her again to tell her about the property.

Patience of a saint she’s got β€β€β€

Day 8 – Sunday, 10 June 2018

11:21 am

I am at the church, Mandy and family have been and gone, and I’m about to go back and play the piano. I’m not sure whether she wanted me to go and she asked if I’d like to come, but I figured her Dad’s only here a limited time; we’ve got all the time we want x

They ended-up drinking wine at Echo Point: she sent me this very well composed photo of her glass actually. Good thing I didn’t go: I don’t have the money for wine at Echo Point x

Toni’s made a place in today’s entry for a dummy spit she had this morning: didn’t just say it to me privately but in the kitchen, with half a dozen volunteers watching her air her, complaints.

So I’m not even spilling any beans, writing it out though I’ll write it up later: piano-time is limited; phone-time is not.

I just heard arguing next door in the kitchen again though I couldn’t hear what about through the wall mmm 😎

Must be a full moon. πŸ€”

Okay so last night we discussed Mandy bringing her dad to the church and I recommended she bring him – Sunday lunch or not – because he’s only here until Tuesday and it will give him a visual to go with the stories she has of the place since she’ll be frequenting the church after her Dad’s gone back home. 

I got in there around 9:00 am and had to wait an hour or so for the church service oldies to leave the actual church, then went in and started playing for a while, until Bronwyn walked in the front door followed by Mandy, her dad and Daniel.

I kept playing while they came in and they talked with Bronwyn a bit about the church and pipe-organ and I managed to play without obvious mistakes: most people distract me into losing track of what I’m playing and I fuck up, but Mandy and company didn’t so I kept going a bit until she came around the piano next to me x

I told her I’d put aside some fresh turmeric, chillies and some cakes that just arrived from Hominy Bakery and got up to retrieve them for her, as well as the three plastic containers she’d given me take-away meals in, washed and clean: Mandy’s bought these containers and they’re not only thicker and better quality than the cheaper containers they use at the church, they’re not free so I’m washing and returning them to her as I use them; opposed to just tossing the plastic tubs in the bin like I usually do with the church ones πŸ™‚

Anyway she’d already introduced her Dad to Rosa and Ahlei and the rest, and didn’t stay long before leaving so I went back to the piano while they went for coffee then the wine at Echo Point.

About twenty minutes later I’ve gone into the kitchen to refill my drink bottle with coffee when Toni’s started telling me what a peice of shit I’ve been lately, “You been a real arrogant prick ever since you started going out with her!! The two of you. Ya fuckin’ deserve each other you and Mandy do!”

She’s then started going on about the jackets I took with me the other day – telling my how wrong and what a bastard I am for taking both jackets without paying when one was for Mandy. 

“They’re both my jackets, but she can use them. I took them free because I’m homeless and don’t have to pay for winter shit because I actually sleep outside in the fuckin cold!” I left out the, Rosa would build me a house of jackets if she had em bit, because I was still busy trying to figure out the cause of Toni’s current behavioral malfunction, “One of the few benefits of being on-the-street homeless, and?”

She said “Nah..” several times to register her apparent disagreement, then told me she was sick of it, that she’s not doing anything Mandy asks her to do in the op-shop again and that we’re both a pair of stuck-up wankers.


Attacking both of us only thickens the bond Xox

Clearly mental illness is causing you to be inexplicably cranky – my behavior hasn’t changed: I spat it at you to shuddup when I was trying to update this site and fucked the whole page up because I could not focus at all on what I was doing and pasted in the wrong place

I cracked the shits at Cathy because I’d already asked her how she wanted her tea – looked her in the eye, nodded and confirmed with “One sugar and milk for Cathy”.

I ask Barbera how she wants her tea and Cathy’s just shouted over her five times in a row every time I’ve asked. 

Who wouldn’t get the shits at that?

We forgive you though Toni, relax. πŸ’•

6:13 pm

Yep, looks like no-one’s loving me much tonight.

Wait, Mandy’s just confirmed she does πŸ™‚

Day 9 – Monday, 11 June 2018

11:33 am

There’s another photo of some of the cakes from Hominy Bakery yesterday. Mandy did not choke on them by the way, she’s fine πŸ˜‰

There were also custard tarts though I didn’t get a bite of any cakes: I went into the hall just after lunch and they were all gone in minutes apparently.

Must’ve been good cake πŸ™‚

Jingles did more than smile insincerely at me yesterday too, when she asked as I was leaving the hall “Have I offended you?”.

“Nooooo”, I told her, “I’m just moody.” pulled the door shut in her face.

Wow 53 guests ..60! Who are you people πŸ™‚

Mostly locals, though I have only handed the URL – personally and hand-written on a scrap of paper each time – to a maximum of about twenty people.

I don’t wanna play the piano because the church is locked and Jamie’s a fuckin dick about the keys when he’s the only one has a set. King of his own little key-ring: Out homeless scum! You might drive market customers away!

Gave me a chance to do this update sitting in the sun though, which was nice until I ran out of Tally-Hos.

Wonder why they’re called Tally-Hos.

12:23 pm

There is a single pigeon pecking around the ground on the path next to the clothesline πŸ™‚

Very healthy looking pigeons birds lately – not a miscoloured or damaged feather on any that I’ve seen. I’ve got a photo of one here somewhere.. It’s fuzzy because it’s moving but illustrates how healthy they are – must be this season’s new batch of youngens or something πŸ™‚

I made Mandy’s account an admin level account last night so she can do anything I can here, and she’s welcome to create her own posts now as well as edit everything on the site or just mess around if she wants xo

She can create her own categories, tags, posts,sort and manage them, whatever you like Sweetness πŸ™‚

I’ll help her with anything she’s unsure about. Of course she’s a busy parent and doesn’t have as much time as I do, but it’s here if she wants it and I couldn’t see any reason not to give her full access: I don’t envision her losing her shit and sabotaging the site in an emotional outburst, at least not without my doing something horrible to her first and I’ll never do anything to piss her off that much Xox

We’ve begun using the heart-shaped box too, though I am pretty happy to say what I’ve got to right here in a post or via text or in person, so there’s not been much need for it thus far ❀

She also sees what I’m doing and the value of the site: a place to capture, store, save and organize thoughts, feelings and stories: hopefully, she’ll start writing and adding posts when she’s ready.

She does and has written, and there is a spellcheck – along with a few other word checking options – you’ve just got to edit your profile to enable the checkboxes xo πŸ™‚

5:35 pm

Okay Mandy quickly ducked-out to the shop alone and we’ve just had ourselves a quick rendezvous, mashed together a few times quickly and had a quick discussion that lead to a quick agreement πŸ™‚

Mm how to word it ..oh and I’m quite comfortable Honey; even my hands are warm now everything else is too x

Firstly, Mandy is a single parent paying private rent every week, doesn’t need to hear accusations from you about dumb shit like cakes and she certainly doesn’t need to explain herself to you Toni and I hate the fact you made her feel bad: especially over trivial, childish shit like that.

Whatever I take to Mandy is to save her coming out and carrying it home herself because she’s already got enough to do, and because I adore her, so why wouldn’t I.

It’s for three people since I eat there too now and that’s the last explanation you’ll get and I’m only supplying that for the sake of clarity.

All your crazy shit Sunday can be chalked-up to a bad mood and that’s what we’ll treat it as, since neither Mandy or myself have done anything that’s even in the neighborhood of wrong, so neither her or I have anything to apologize for or explain.

You should be ashamed of yourself for hating on a single mother who’s simply trying to do the best she can.

And you know Toni, given you don’t pay rent OR have to feed a kid every day and neither you or Richard need anything from the service I dunno who the fuck you think you are to be bitching about a few cakes.

We all love you though, so yes, a bad mood we’ll call it and it’s forgotton about, now.

Day 10 – Tuesday, 12 June 2018

8:16 am

You know I haven’t got around to mentioning this public affection thing yet, but I will because it’s good on multiple levels.

I haven’t been openly, publicly affectionate with any women since I was in my early twenties, because all of them didn’t like people seeing I suppose, so a quick hug here or a peck there is all that’s been permissible.

Mandy not only allows me to be more affectionate when people are around, she likes it too and it doesn’t matter who’s around – I mashed against her and smelled her neck in front of her Dad the other night when I went for dinner, in front of the church regulars and volunteers and in the main street regardless who’s watching πŸ™‚ xo

Maybe because we’re both open people and dislike sneaky shit, we’re happy to get mooshed-up around other people.

It’s no secret, why act like it needs to be?

Her Dad mentioned that I am pretty demonstrative and he said that will wind everyone up right off the bat, though he didn’t mind and we’re not groping one another so everyone else will have to just get used to it. We’ll settle-down a bit once we’ve filled that affection-void that’s been, but probably not that much: every little touch is an affirmation of love, and I’m not about to stop reassuring her simply because other people are so fucked in the head they can’t be publicly open with someone meant to be closest to them.

Stupid ‘too up myself to touch a partner in public’ bullshit is for socially uptight retards, not me.

Not us ❀

1:56 pm

I’m at the library now, and with only the duck-down jacket and two layers on.. well if I were any warmer I’d be hot, but as it is I’m warm enough to appreciate full circulation in all extremeties and even my face feels flushed with warmth.

Niiiice πŸ™‚

Once I’ve stopped smoking I’ll be able to wear this one daily – assuming Mandy doesn’t need it that day – but as a current smoker I know I’ll end-up with burn- holes all over it, and it’s too high-quality for me to live-in it’ll just get trashed.

I’ve left my phone at your place Sweetheart and though I’ve charged my tablet enough to use it to update, the on-screen keyboard on the sucker is too big to be used efficiently, but I’ll push-ahead until what, the usual time? πŸ™‚

I’ll pop over then and get it Xox

Where was I .. pubic affection being good on multiple levels: Yes πŸ™‚

I’ll have to finish this thought later ’cause it’s time to go and it’s on ongoing thought rather than an event that happened, so I can come back to it


I’ll also write you a little guide-post so you know what needs to be set and what’s optional for new posts etcetera xo

4:39 pm

One of the regular weirdos came in the kitchen this morning and told Ahlei that she was a mermaid, that she wants to get out her tail and wear it around but – as we all know – mermaids aren’t allowed to do that. 

Given how thick with nutjobs Katoomba is, she didn’t get much reaction at all from the volunteers, but I figured I’d write it in anyhow.

I need a job.

6% battery on the tablet and on St Georges’ free wifi – I’ll be there shortly πŸ˜‰

Still not cold either x


Day 11 – Wednesday, 13 June 2018

8:00 am

Here’s breakfast this morning: if I ate breakfast I don’t but it looked good anyway ..I should’ve Lightroomed the mid-tone raspberries a bit brighter but oh well πŸ™‚

~11:00 am

Mandy had to go to Coles so we both went, and this makes me happy: outside Coles, the grimy, nasty little stall is closed at least temporarily – no more overpriced, stale donuts and shit coffee, and no more of that doughy, downsyndrome troll doll, Tegan.

I tried a total of two donuts there and both were disgusting: both sickeningly sweet and stale, the donuts at Donut King are just an awful excuse for food, as bad as the Coles (frozen) “fresh” bakery garbage and yeah I’m fuckin’ thrilled to see the place shut.

Hang on the library’s closing.

7:26 pm

Tonight’s meal is a combined effort.

Like I’m kidding anyone – all I did was stir it a minute and slice some ‘shrooms: Chicken with celery, sour cream and pepper plus white wine πŸ™‚


Day 12 – Thursday, 14 June 2018

10:30 am

I’ll fix the index menu bar at the top later.

I’ll have to write this morning tomorrow, but I started the day at Mandy’s then walked Daniel to school together before we parted a while and she was looking at the cat op-shop when I left to kill half an hour before we’d agreed to meet at the house she’d arranged to view at 10:30 am.

That’s not much time, so I figure I’ll get an iced coffee from Coles then update this and start heading.

Halfway up to Coles I get a text from Ahlei saying old Brian is there at the hall wanting to know whether I’d rang the podiatry clinic to make an appointment for him because he’s too old to hear what people are saying and cannot use a mobile phone and needs someone to do it on his behalf, and just like old Betty insists on me specifically to setup her tables every week, Brain wants me specifically to ring and make his appointment for him. 

** Fuck I forgot about that. I can’t go to the hall I’ve got the house with Mandy soon! **

Took three attempts to get through but I finally made it after being on hold while I walked halfway down Katoomba street too the church – I had it on speakerphone the whole time – until a chick answered and I explained it to her then wrote it down on the takings sheet for Ahlei to pass-on to Brian when he comes back.


Three viewing went very well: we both agreed we liked the overgrown yard as it was, though there’d still be plenty of tidying and pruning to do, but we both saw that the whole place would be very nice with a bit of work. 

The bathroom is hideous, but really mostly just the choice of wall coverings and that weird sink πŸ™‚

9:57 pm

I’m in both my duck down jacket and sleeping-bag, and the wind is howling and my top half is warm even out of the sleeping-bag πŸ™‚

What else are you thinking Sweetness? x

You can pick whatever colour you like to highlight you’re own text in any of my posts πŸ™‚ x

Your text colour will become instantly associated with you xxoo where is the.. here’s a screenshot of where the colour dialog pops out ..

That button there πŸ™‚

I’ve gotta go to sleep in a minute but yes – we’re on the same page about everything that I know of and you are beautiful xo


Day 13 – Friday, 15 June 2018

9:18 am

Goodness, don’t the days just fly by.

I’ve got too much to catch-up on and will have to kick it in the arse when I’ve got chunks of time, though I only got about 2-3 hours last night, now I’m unaccustomed to sleeping alone.

Also I was a bit twitchy about walking I the front door at TAFE to see Ray and get my boxes of stuff he’s been storing there for me. ‘What if he hasn’t kept them and my stuff’s gone?’ was my primary concern.

But Ray’s an old army guy, and kept everything right where I’d put it, then gave me a lift back home with them and there are other bits to write bit basically Ray and I were happy to see each other, while Kevin – the wet nappy who filled-in when I resigned – just sat there playing with his shitty phone lime the awkward social retard he is.

I only got a minute of open catch-up with Ray before he started psst’ing for me to not talk in front of Kevin and asked me to come out into the hall with him.

Moments later the little maggot had snuck-up on us to put away the vacumn cleaner – only the silently moving vacumn head gave him away: cunt was listening to us, and no doubt texting Alyson – the supervisor – as we talked.

Either way Ray still hates the little cocksucker; nobody likes co-workers who squeal.

Or old church moles who squeal.

I’m meeting my Lovely to do grocery shopping, after she’s gone and done Yoga πŸ™‚

You know a people seem to find Mandy a bit stuck-up, but I’ve told her I consider that an asset not a flaw and as long as she’s not stuck-up towards me I don’t care how she is with other people xo


Check out this awesome planter we scored πŸ™‚

2:31 pm

So every week the op-shop has to be packed-up for the Sunday lunch plus the Tuesday morning tea – has to be done, and since it’d been decided we wouldn’t open tomorrow Rebecca wanted to pack it up this afternoon which is logically sound, but I’m pretty tired so I did a deal with Toni to go and pickup the washing for her of she did my share of the packing up πŸ™‚

Ahlei, Toni, Rebecca, Takeli and that Lynn were all there to help though so it wasn’t all up to just Toni and Rebecca.

Anyway Ahlei’s given me a $20 note and I’ve walked around to the laundromat to pickup this washing, only to discover it was $30 a bag: ridiculous when you consider it was only about a Coles shopping bag worth of tea-towels they laundered.

The guy before me wouldn’t shuddup about how life’s going I wish customers like that would just call lifeline or some shit instead of treating the person serving them like their bestie as the line keeps backing-up.

Anyway I told Ahlei once I’d got back to the hall I’ll happily wash and dry them next time for thirty bucks – I’ll even give you a receipt on my ABN.

The laundromat owner gave me a Jube on my second visit, which compensated me for having to make two trips, kinda πŸ™‚


4:23 pm

I’ll be home soon Sweetheart – tired and hungry πŸ™ƒ πŸ’–πŸ’•

8:33 pm

Finally I get to test wireless charging with the alarm clock I bought 8 months ago or so and never got to use, though I’m unsure whether she really likes it or is humoring me, but it’s on her side of the bed xox

Day 14 – Saturday, 14 June 2018

4:06 pm

Good afternoon Lurkers.

Today I’ve ticked the bathroom door off the to-do list: some fool installed the catch facing the wrong way so it’s never been capable of slipping into the slot.

All fixed anyhow and I’ve got days to catch up on so I should go back and do that, but dinner will be soon and I’ve got bits of door to sweep-up, vaporizers to re-coil and Mandy to keep warm, and her cat..


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