Outing #53: Forwards we go? 🍎

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Day 1 – Sunday, 17 June 2018

11:36 am

We’ve just been over to the new neighbours place, another young chick who has been abandoned by another badly matched male she shouldn’t have bred with, so she and her toddler are discovering the utopia of single parent living.

I had to go inside and get the actual camera for the 12x optical zoom to get him in the frame, though he was just sitting up on a branch out front and was both chubby and in no apparent hurry to fly away, I walked to within a few metres of said Kookaburra to take this.

Anyway, my more caring other half was genuinely worried about the new single mum and wanted to go next door and check on her.

Of course, Sweetheart starts firing all the big questions at her as soon as she opened the door: “Are you warm?  Have you got enough firewood? Is nobody helping you?”, then straight into her rental details, “How much are you paying?”, and although the chick said she’s being subsidised by the housing department and rent is only $170ish a week now, rent would gradually increase as they reduce their subsidy and it’ll be $350/week once that’s stopped.

“Oh, right, yes. No, well it’s not a very big house. That would be too much for a place so small… Is that curtain there in the doorway to stop the draught? You must be freezing…”

Then the girl’s said the curtain was there to stop the draught caused by a hole in the floor and showed Mandy they both inspected the hole…


3:00 pm

The three of us went for a walk to get milk and for some silly reason I said I wanted to stop in at the church since the lunch is on and why not, but as soon as we’ve walked in the hall Jingles has written my name on the list – I see she remembers fine when she wants to – you which I instantly tell her “Scratch my name out we’re not eating the food”, which she did, but then I went and got garlic bread and told her she could add my name back on her little list since I’ve consumed something. 

Mandy, Daniel and I went and sat down – she’d got soup while she was there though it was a bit cold, though we were pretty late to stop in and I’m not sure why we did. 

No, it’s because I’m so used to hanging out at the church I felt compelled to go, and really I regretted it with the first “Afternoon!”.

Still, we’re there a little while but goodness it felt like all eyes were on us. I mean literally: every time I’d look around people were looking at us.

Wasn’t bad or a bad vibe, just mm strange.

The people I did speak to all seemed a bit too kind, and we left shortly after Mandy finished her soup, or tried to: just walking past old Brian on the way out, I’ve heard him say “Ah, Jason?” .. **sigh**


So it’s off to the Cecil with Brian this afternoon to measure his new room there. We’d gone to the shops then church, where Brian asked whether I’d be able to measure something for him, which turned out to be the whole room.

I had to drop the milk off and came back via that neighbour’s place where Mandy was helping that chick, and I’ve gotta say – now I’ve finally seen the inside they’re done a good job of it.


It’s not to my taste simply because it’s so new, but the place is fully decked-out with everything from an emergency phone and free WiFi to an elevator: the Cecil has been redesigned as accommodation for ‘seniors’ with extra-big power switches and automatic lighting…

Brian wanted ALL his new room measured,  so he could calculate poindexter shit with his furniture and we ended-up measuring every little window edge and corner but it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. My biggest irritation was his stepping on the tape to hold it in place. I managed to control the urge to tell him that’s a brand new Stanley he’s stepping on and they’re not cheap tape measures, stop crumpling the tape.

Eventually, we got the room measurements, *…


Day 2 – Monday, 18 June 2018

7:12 am

My nicotine liquids should arrive today.

I’ve just been to TAFE to see Ray and get a bit more of my stuff.

On the way home I saw this sitting on the ground and decided to walk back and get it for Amanda – after I’d dropped my stuff off: heavy fucker too, but it looks like a score to me.

The metal parts are ornately engraved and it looks like it still has all the original electrics right down to the little light bulb, which is also still in its original hood and the case looks like rosewood to me.

It’s 7:20 am, and time to go wake her up in a minute since my phone is the alarm, which is currently and obviously in my hands.

You’re welcome, Honey πŸ™‚

We can e-bay it too, if you don’t want it ??

Day 3 – Tuesday, 19 June 2018

11:32 am

Hang on.. we’re having coffee at the waffle house and Mandy’s explaining dates, schedules and other super exciting stuff that I should be memorising ? ??

Anyway, we got the house! πŸ™‚

Well Mandy did but it’s big enough for everyone and we are already planning the move and our co-existance there so – with just three weeks until the real estate hands over the keys – it’s almost time for me to start doing shit so I’d better find another job.

That’s just the back fence of the yard – which is much bigger than I could fit in a photo, and the place will have plenty of things need doing to keep us busy for a while, but it’s a long-term lease so there’s every reason to spend the time on it.

Importantly and best: both of us will be starting there with the place as-is and both invest time from the start instead of moving into a place that one of us has already brought up to par when the other moved-in.

I’ll re-apply with Broadspectrum – since I resigned opposed to being fired – though I’ve just remembered all that fair-work shit at the end mm didn’t take that into account actually. 

Either way, I’ll update my resume by the end of the week and spam it out online like I did last time applying for both commercial cleaning and maintenance jobs this time.

Mandy and I have both enrolled in an introductory TAFE course on volunteering or whatever that Rosa’s giving staff but that doesn’t start until October some time.

Most the volunteers at the church are doing it so it should be good since we all know each other already πŸ™‚

2:55 pm

I was just about to say I’ve gotta go in a moment to wait for DHL-guy, but Sweetness rang to tell me she’s already accepted the delivery and it’s there waiting for me ?

I’m currently in the library talking to Rex, but I’ve still gotta go soon because four new flavored bottles await: including a 30mL bottle of 12mg coffee flavored liquid that I can’t imagine myself not liking, a 30mL bottle of 12mg Vanilla and a 100mL bottle of, well fruit loops and milk basically, in 6mg for the sub-ohm tanks πŸ™‚

Oh and the 18mg pure glycerin liquid I got to mix with other liquids without changing their flavour.

I’ve got to recoil my RDA’s and wash-out my other vaporizer tanks for the new flavours: 190mL of assorted liquids await.

7:42 pm

The coffee flavoured liquid is my current favorite, then the fruit loops and milk and the vanilla is mm I need to try that one in the little black mouth-to-lung tank to really get an idea: both the coffee and vanilla are made with a 50/50 mix of polyethylene glycol to make them runnier for using in the little Endura T18’s and they’re too runny to really use with the drippers.

Dinner was excellent x

Thank you Babe πŸ™‚ ❀

Day 4 – Wednesday, 20 June 2018

7:49 am

Good morning Beautiful and good morning lurkers ?

I’m in the hall waiting for shit to happen…

6:17 pm

Today turned out busier than I thought, mm let me flick back mentally over the day’s events.

I’m writing it in a text editor, then I’ll copy/paste what I’ve for before bed.

My morning started at 4:30 am at my secret place and in ice-cold wind so I raced through packing-up then went to Coles for my usual morning wake-up routine before walking down the church to wait for Ahlei to arrive, but at about 8:00 am Mandy text and asked whether I’d like to come over to have a shower and warm-up.

I told her no thanks to the shower, but I’ll pop over to warm up and have a coffee, which I did.

Introducing Madison..

I open the door to the hall at about half past nine this morning and walk in to find there’s a large Irish Wolfhound looking dog standing in the doorway of the office with a very big panty smile on its face.

I immediately cross the room to the office to pat the animal then see Rosa inside the holding the leash.

For six months now I’ve heard stories from Rosa about her dogs and seen her in tears and even have time off work when they’ve been sick.

To finally see Rosa with one of her dogs was excellent until I asked why: one of her two dogs died the other day, so she’s brought Madison – or Maddy – to work so she’s not home alone.

I hugged Rosa for her newly deceased dog and patted Maddy repeatedly throughout the day: she’s a lovely dog, smells clean and is abundantly happier than Malcolm’s dog Bella, who only lays around looking depressed. Here’s another photo…

Ahh that’s a good snap of Rosa and Madison πŸ™‚

I went into the kitchen where one of the regulars – an old woman who’s there every week with a garbage bag full of dirty washing – said she had a present for me.

She walks across the kitchen and pulls a little box out of her pocket then slides it open and explains that she’d seen I had a green merino jumper with a few holes in it, that she told someone else or something and ended-up bringing me a small pocket sewing kit with thread the same colour as my jumper. 

I told her I’d lost that jumper already, but thanked her and noted that it’ll show up eventually. “I’ll give this to the Woman”, I told her, “If I find the jumper she can sew-up the holes. How thoughtful of me :)”, to which she laughed. Loudly.

She thought it was much funnier than I intended it to be actually, but that’s fine, good, cool: by all appearances, she’s always been a scattered lunatic so that joke was good value πŸ™‚

Shortly after greeting Rosa, her dog and everyone else there, Old-Brian shows-up and shambles his way across the hall towards me with a proposition: to move his stuff from his current place up the road to the Cecil and into his new room.

Old-Brian has to move house and wanted to pay me to do it so I accepted: “Paid work is paid work”, though knowing how particular old Brian gets about things I estimate moving day will be a very long one. Mmm.

After I’d sorted Old-Brian, I went back to helping Mandy with the op-shop by throwing things in the skip and watched Joe intermittently lick his fingers and touch random things, but only for a short while when Rosa walked in the hall as asked me if I’d do the Coles pickup with her.


Day 5 – Thursday, 21 June 2018

Found a five dollar note on the way up the block this morning. I had $20 and not enough for a pouch of tobacco, so figured I’d have to just settle for a smaller pack of tailor-made until I walked past an air-conditioner and saw that sitting there. 


Day 6 – Friday, 22 June 2018

3:25 pm

I found and washed-out one of the least socially acceptable tanks I’ve got yesterday and it’s in fine form. The reason I like it is the same reason it’s so socially unacceptable: it produces an obscene amount of vapor and there’s only one other tank I’ve got that pumps out more vapor than it, though I’m unsure where it’s gone.

Today was pretty dull, with the church quiet in both the kitchen and hall. There were people there, I just didn’t find the atmosphere bouncy though I’m a bit on the tired side.

I’ve got two days of shit that did happen though – just a matter of writing it down πŸ˜‰


Day 7 – Saturday, 23 June 2018

WARNING! The following program contains:

(H) Horror themes

Had I not uninstalled facebook because it annoyed the shit outta me with its bullshit friend suggestions all day and night, I would’ve used that but here will suffice πŸ™‚

Brace you’re eyeballs, today is winter solstice and the whole town is engulfed in competitive stupidity.

The markets are in full swing and the op-shop is full of tourists wanting ugly acrylic beanies and well they’re all very badly dressed.

This old woman is a regular.

She regularly parks her motorized wheel-chair right outside the door, blocking both the door to the hall and access to the staff kitchen: all us able-bodied fuckers can squeeze past to get in or out for an hour straight or however long she’s inside: hobbling around moaning about the crippling agony that prevents her wandering more than a few steps from her beloved rolling chair – hunching as she walks because it’s demonstrative pain, you see.

But, being winter solstice she’s decided she’s not so crippled that she cannot leave the wheelchair at home (her dress catches in the wheels, you understand) to mince up and down Katoomba street on foot to gift the general public her presence in this sumptuous, sexy outfit, and what a visual treat for all of us.

She was in here yesterday talking poor Rebeccas ears off for hooours: on and on about her costume and , more importantly, the tiara she’d just finished. Mmhmm.

She’s obviously got mental problems, well, there’s your proof. Don’t look at me like that she’s using an egg beater as a wand, I’m just reporting it as it happened in an unbiased manner.

Oh, and I scored this shirt today.. for nothing naturally.

Of course, I shouldn’t and didn’t pay because I’m homeless, and need layers for winter.

They’re Leerahs’ feet I think.

Matter of fact the only people dressed like sane human-beings were we, the volunteers. Toni was there and dressed like a normal human-being, but left early to go out and get pissed.

Sorry about the featured image: I’ll find a new one as quickly as possible πŸ˜‰

Day 8 – Sunday, 24 June 2018

Today I went to the church because Sunday lunch is on and once church is finished at 10:00 am the baby grand in the church is mine, though not without that old crone Bronwyn coming into the church to tell me I’m not allowed to play the piano.

I just sat and continued playing the piano while she let me have it, then carried-on playing as she left and carried on playing while she stood in the next room bitching at Ahlei for half an hour about it. Ahlei argued for me and didn’t understand the sour old cows’ bitterness any better than I did, but forty minutes later when I’d stopped playing and rejoined Ahlei, Maria and Pam in the staff kitchen they told me everything Bronwyn had said.

Two weeks ago this Bronwyn has come up into the church on Sunday just to let me know that the church pays the electricity bills so I shouldn’t have the heater on.

I just nodded and kept playing, but that old bitch is getting to be a pain in the arse and continues to exhibit behavior indicative of mental illness.

It’s like I’m the only person on planet earth who isn’t mentally ill.

Maybe being given such an ugly name from birth has made her twisted and ugly, because I’ve never known of a Bronwyn that isn’t bitter and ugly under a thin film of social ettiquette.

Bronwyn Bishop: enough said.

I also ate while I was there, but in the staff kitchen before the food was taken into the hall so I didn’t have to worry about the urchins breathing on my food.. or coughing or worst of all – sneezing on it. 

Mandy took her son to the library then said she was going home and potter or clean or whatever and I really should start doing some of that myself. ❀

Toni was absent, I’ll assume because she was a bit hungover after last night and the garlic bread was ruined again.

Every week the entrΓ© is garlic bread, a very simple thing to cook, yet every week lately the volunteers in the hall kitchen have fucked it up: they forget to turn the oven on one week, simply not bother with the second tray another week.

We cut and butter the garlic bread every week in the staff kitchen, all 60+ pieces, then take it on two metal trays wrapped in foil for them to simply stick in the oven for a quarter-hour before they need them.

This week, they’ve put the pre-prepared garlic bread in the oven for two hours and it’s come out hard as concrete and dark brown all over.

How fuckin’ hard can garlic bread be right? Not only do I like garlic bread, it takes half an hour for one of us to cut the breadsticks and goop garlic-butter all over them.

Oh, and your eyeballs will be pleased to know I’ve deliberately taken photos to replace that rocky horror shit I changed the featured image to last night.

There we go, anything’s better really: that woman really uglied-up the site ?

6:42 pm

So I’m lying here on the bed looking at this magazine and it happens to be opened at this excellent looking recipe – Roast Pork Leg and warmed potato salad with herbs mm. Wonder if the pork is beer basted mm.

I’m not a big pork eater but I could probably choke that down alright mm. I could make sounds while I eat like that old guy at every free meal at the church,“Mm ..mm ..mm ..mm”

Maybe I’ll cook it myself.

Day 9 – Monday, 25 June 2018

It’s nine in the morning and I’ve decided I’ll go to the library soon and spend the day updating this once I’ve organized myself and woken up properly.

Mandy’s taken the kid to school, though she could do with some quiet too given she’s been stuck with him all weekend and me every night. 

11:58 pm

Part of being so awesome is documenting the awesome for other people to see how awesome you are, and I’ve done little of that lately and have heaps to add still.

I fed birds with a convicted murderer yesterday and still haven’t written that down.

I’m in the library with my headphones on and at 100% to shut-out the general murmuring and squealing kids while I read back and insert things.

I’m good at inserting things.

Volunteer Heather from Sunday lunch just walked past and I mistakenly called her Helen, then Heather, then apologized but she didn’t seem offended.

Brian’s just walked in and I gave him a thumbs up but continued writing while he walked away. Bit then he’s come straight back and I just instantly told him, “I cannot talk now Brian I’m busy.”

I had to say it twice loudly before he got me then nodded and walked away. 

Really, I just don’t have patience to spend an hour talking to him every time I bump into him. His hearing means I’ve gotta say everything three times at increasing volume before he finally hears what I’ve said.

Now the tubby librarian with the white hair and drugged-out eyes has come over and told me she’d appreciate if I didn’t put my feet on the chair: you see mental illness is more common than you’d think.

That librarian with the face like a cats arse would’ve sent the old fatty over: she’s got some kind’ve beef with me, that bitch – the sour looking one with the obviously fake red hair, prostitutes leggings and hideous accent.


Day 10 – Tuesday, 26 June 2018

My day started with an early morning trip to Coles for tobacco. 

I get back, walk in the kitchen and find this bowl smashed on the floor: Mandy broke it because she’s had enough of her son, on-at her with the belittling abuse every day like a 9-year-old wife basher.

I want to beat the shit out of him daily – he’s that bad – but I cannot, so I went back to Coles and brought her a box of PG Tips; other tea sucks so I’ve tried to keep her stocked on them but she’d run out and I made the mistake of buying Barrys’ Irish tea a few days ago – almost  $7 and they’re absolute garbage. 

Okay so I’m a pretty open person as you already would’ve concluded, and for a while now I’ve been on the fence about whether to write about our domestic environment not only because I wasn’t sure whether I should but also I hadn’t had enough time to assess the situation. 

I’ve decided to write about it.

I can’t beat shit out him, I can’t sign him off for adoption nor expect Mandy to, yet she’s so on edge and stepped on by this little troll something’s gotta be done to protect her – physically as well as emotionally: the poor little autistic boy can go fuck himself – I haven’t once seen anything but nastiness, abuse and shallow manipulations out of him, and in his current state the trajectory for Mandy is down. 

I don’t know how much more down  Mandy can take, but she’s never going up while he’s dragging her down, ruining every day and treating her like his own personal doormat.

Mandy and I cannot be relaxed together because she’s constantly on-edge waiting for little Daniel to go off and start screeching at her and by the time little Daniel has gone to bed both her and I are fucked – tired and on-edge.

I’ll help pull you out of the mud Sweetheart, but there’s no way I’m going to roll around in it with you. 

Some people are just…., and as he is a child just drains happiness from everyone unfortunate enough to have to be stuck in a room with him.

Mandy’s starting to get desperate too: she knows her asking any person or animal to live in such a toxic environment is wrong – nobody should have to put up with shit like that whether from a 40 year old misogynistic abuser or a 9 year old spoilt brat who happens to have Autism. 

Mandy has too much potential for me to walk away from her because of him, but she also knows I won’t allow myself to be dragged down to where she is – certainly not for any kid, though now we’ve bonded walking away isn’t so much an option. ?

I want to see you strong, confident and healthy – not weak, abused and on eggshells β€?

EDIT: The only change Mandy requested to the above section was less swearing. She can edit any of my posts anyway, but only proofreads my typoes and spelling mistakes. 

Hang on my office supply guy wants me.


11:59 AM

Rex had to go and see a dentist so I offered to look after his bag while he’s gone – save him rolling it up and down hill for a bit πŸ™‚

Just saw a red Ferrari drive past. Mewed like a cat.


Day 11 – Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Today started in the kitchen with Daniel screeching abuse and threatening his mother, before throwing a tiny fridge magnet at me.

Mandy was in tears again and I was busy hugging her so I simply ignored the magnet, but then he came around to the sink, picked-up a large frypan and held it up to hit me with it. I told him “Go on.. See what happens..”, so he’s put the pan down but decided he’d hit me anyway – no doubt used to beating shit out of mother daily.

He hit me in the arm with a weak punch, I slapped my hand around the back of his neck and shoved down hard, so his legs just crumpled and he hit the floor like a sack of shit, then got up and ran to his room squealing.

He’s real good at squealing, and alternates between that and bullying his mum into doing every little thing he demands.

Only his feelings got hurt, but no more attitude came out him until Mandy took him to school.

No idea what he did on the way to school since I didn’t go with her to drop him off.


Day 12 – Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Queen was in the hall today: moaning about both the crippling pain of her legs and misery caused by said pain and like always her rolling chair was parked smack out front of the hall right between the two doors – preventing access between kitchen and hall staff for the hour our more she’d stood inside waiting for someone to notice that demonstrative pain of hers.

Nobody did, because she’s one of those people other people don’t wanna listen to. Like Older-Barbera – the woman opposite – groaning and moaning is all she’s interested in and since Rosa was absent today and everyone else was too busy or sick of her, she ended-up just standing there looking shocked nobody was feeding her sympathy.

Eventually she left, but she returned three or four times, filling her basket with bananas each time.

Today is tables and chairs for Betty and like every Thursday it’s her larger class, plus she wanted pews moved around first, so once I’d moved the pews and a large desk and Betty told me she wanted five white tables plus all the chairs to go with them, I told her I’d go and get Toni to come and help.

Once in the hall I had to wait for Toni to finish her coffee before she’d come, then got Barbera to help too, since faster classroom-setup means more piano-time for me and Betty looked a bit cranky – having to tell all three of us we’re doing it wrong as we positioned the tables and chairs – she relaxed once they were mostly done, and agreed it was more time on the piano for me.

Half an hour after I’d started playing Betty’s walked over to the stage and asked how it’s going with Mandy’s son.

I stopped playing while I told her, then Betty congratulated me for my handing of Daniel yesterday morning.

I did dinner again later, and cooked a lime & pepper sour cream pasta with cherry tomatoes just warmed in the sauce..

The strands on top are just Bega tasty slices, sliced again because it was easier than getting out the grater and Parmesan. Lite sour cream I used, so it wasn’t too filling and a bit of butter to smooth-out the sour creams’ .. sourness.

Worked out well: we both loved it. Mandy maybe more than I, since I’ve already made that kind of pasta plenty and am well acquainted with my own cooking πŸ™‚  ❀

Day 13 – Friday, 29 June 2018

Today I learnt a new song on the piano and I’ve changed the homepage video to the song in question.

My two new liquids arrived too, and this time the DHL guy came right on up to the unit to deliver it Mandy said, though I think they’re legally required to hand it over to someone personally – it’s nicotine containing liquids.

Nicotine is a deadly chemical after all and they taste like dessert and cream.

What else .. nachos for dinner though I didn’t take a photo! *gasp* .. I’ll use this photo of the gorgeous lemon tart You made the other day instead – I can do that ..

I’ve never had home baked tart and never liked the ones they sell in bakeries or supermarkets but this thing was remarkable.

We ate it over a few nights microwaved for a few seconds to warm it up. Well I did; she didn’t want hers nuked and ate it cold ??


Day 14 – Saturday, 30 June 2018

I’ve been inserting things πŸ™‚

It’s almost two in the afternoon and I’m in the library doing this, and considering this is meant to be the last day of smoking for me I’ve not been maximizing my tobacco smokage as much as I should.

Earlier while ordering coffee at Big Beet, I’ve taken a note out my pocket, paid then gone outside to wait before realising my drugs weren’t in my pocket, then looked inside in time to see one of the staff pick it up, walk over to the bald guy who owns it and chuckle. 

The bald guy comes out a minute later with my coffee, and whispers “the green is under the cup”,  which it was, so I went back in and asked if he had an empty tank on him to try this tobacco flavored liquid I just got. 

He didn’t have a spare tank on him, but his was running low anyway so I told him to have a go, handed him the bottle and he filled his tank and thanked me πŸ™‚

It’s really the closest to tobacco I’ve tried, and has a slight popcorn and honey flavour. Other liquids have that horrible chicory taste so I wanted to see what he thought of it.

Earlier still, I went to the church but Rebecca didn’t show-up today and no markets were on so nobody was there except Martin – who appeared half pissed, Malcolm and his dog Bella.

Bella looked as bored as ever and Malcom was rambling about the same neighbor he’s always bitching about so I told them, “I’m going to the library. Fuck this standing in the cold shit”, and left.


Day 15 – Sunday, 1 June 2018

Still pretty sloppy but that’s always how it is when you know you’re recording.

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