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Thursday, 6th December 2018

While walking back home from the shop today, I found one kilogram of bad news wandering around in the middle of the road.

Bad news in a puppy disguise, I was foolish enough to stop and pat the creature at which point she licked me, bit me and did that ‘I reaaally love you!’ thing that only a 6-8 week old puppy can really pull-off that well.

I told her to go, that I cannot have a dog so just fuck off and stay there and even asked a neighbor who’d just arrived home who’s puppy this was, and he told me the houses on either side are empty and he doesn’t know of any neighbours who have a new dog.

Now we’re home, she’s safe from being smeared by a car or attacked by other dogs and cats, but I cannot have a dog.

Already she’s torn an empty egg carton to about a million little peices, chewed my clothes while I’m wearing them and has now started on that $200 quilt.

I’ve got pasta cooking, which I’ll feed her with some mixed-in egg tonight but I’ve gotta find the puppies rightful owner.

That was taken before she spread it all over the loungeroom. Right now she’s flat on gett side.

Farrk.. finally

Okay there was her dinner: the nap only lasted about ten minutes before she was up and causing chaos again, so I fed her enough to shut her up another ten minutes then back to chaos – they’re very easily bored puppies, huh? .. it’s certainly been a while since I’ve had to entertain one.

Nothing went in the pasta but pasta and an egg, stirred-through raw then heated solid so it should suffice in lieu of any actual dog food, which I obviously do not have.

Of course she gobbled it up very happily, even chewing the bits off the wooden spoon which I might give her later on to stop her chewing me a while, but right now she’s asleep again so we’ll just …shhhh for now 🙂


Since quite a few locals read my site when I was updating every day, I figured here would be a good place to start trying to locate the rightful owner, though like I said I’ll take her into town tomorrow and door-knock the length of the street I found her, from top to bottom, and see who knows anything.

If anyone does know whose puppy she is, you can tell them she’s half trashed the flat already, had a good meal and drink and certainly isn’t fretting for her owner by any means 🙂

Tell you one thing I can probably say about her owner though: she must be a woman: the puppy smells like a woman had hugged her good and proper before I brought her back.

She’s watching TV now, while I’m making more pasta and egg.

We went outside a minute ago but she didn’t use the toilet opportunity, so I’ve brought up some soil and dirt for her to use later, which she’s flicked all over the bathroom floor but still wasn’t interested in numbers one or two.

Damn animals.

Friday, 7th December 2018

So overnight, nobody I know text or contacted me via the site with any information regarding the puppy currently curled in a ball sleeping atop some towels on the floor beside me.

We’d planned – or rather I’d planned – to go for a walk today and knock every door on the street I’d found her, but tiredness caused by the puppy herself meant I couldn’t be fucked and then I realized that tomorrow’s Saturday anyhow and I’ve a much better chance of finding people home on a Saturday than the middle of a weekday.

I’ve grown more accustomed to her annoying energy levels, though those little needle-sharp devil teeth are still a bit much and I’ve got puncture marks all over my arms, but she’s sort of stopped yapping so much now which is good.

She still yaps and barks mind you, but mostly while she’s waiting for her pasta dinner to cook now she’s already keenly aware that food comes from the stove, and when she’s getting too excited during her own imposed playtimes. Playtimes I have no choice bor to participate in for the sake of keeping her quiet.

Then I got to thinking, as you do, that if the owners are not able to be located and I decided to keep the animal regardless my rental agreement, it wouldn’t be all bad: I’d finally have someone to sleep with every night, and wouldn’t have to give a shit about partnering for companionship because I’d already have a bitch who loves the shit out of me.


Thanks to this website, our puppies rightful owner has been found and contacted us.

Her name is Gypsy, and she’ll I’ll be taking bre home to Mum and Dad at around 6:00 PM right after the hubby gets home from work.

Good thing I resisted the urge to offload her into the family she ran onet to play with briefly at the park down the road: I stood there at the play equipment thinking about it for a good five minutes while the kids tried to nag their mum into letting them take her, then finally told them, “No, nup sorry everyone – I’m taking the puppy”, and left.

And there she is as I finish this, having expended her energy in another round of chew-the- joint-to-bits. In about an hour she’ll be up and chewing my clothes and hands and arms again of course, and she’ll be in for quite the surprise in a few hours when she’s delivered to the more familiar environment she’s no doubt much more accustomed to than here 🙂

10:16 PM

My annoying little bundle of love on a dog suit is gone 🙁

Thursday, 20th December 2018

This month’s post is so short, I don’t even need to add a navigation strip at the top.


Yesterday I see Maria and today Mandy walks past while I’m outside the vet fucking round on my phone, and though I had measurably less to say to the latter than the former – for obvious reasons – I still said good afternoon to Mandy.

That weird bitch with the died black hair who thinks she’s a mermaid also walked past, but I didn’t say hi to her since I no longer need to placate mentally unhinged fucking nut-jobs – at all.

Kind’ve miss Mandy and Maria though, occasionally, and I’m sure there are others there I miss, though evidently not enough to remember them offhand and like most things in life once you’ve closed the book on something there’s no point thinking about it anymore because it’s past, done, finished: dynamics change and nothing’s ever the same when you go back to it again.

Sure as shit don’t miss that delusional mermaid, nor the majority of regulars at the church who are simply chronically reoffending criminals and human waste, and I do not miss worrying about the handful of women I did give a shit about and how dangerous their association with a place that attracts walking shit like that could end-up being.

The butterfly effect, in effect: nobody knows what kind of bad things could eventuate when you group predatory defectives with women, children and other vulnerable people and you never know what’s really going on on their head until suddenly you do and it’s too late.

The sticky, nasty-arse hot day has finally started cooling with the arrival of a minor storm and it’s begun raining: love the rain, LOVE IT.

Hang on, that’s not even why I added this update to begin with, I got side-tracked.

Oh yeah that wind.. awesome: it’s blowing hard enough that there are strips of stringy-bark bouncing off my windows 🙂

Alright so a few weeks ago I got tired of being hungry and bored doing nothing, so rather than go through the hassle of applying for a job with a new employer I simply told my last one to give me work, he gave me work and here we are – well fed with enough money to not give two shits about the scroungers at some filthy church or the stale bread and dumpster food that draws so many freebie-hunting bottom feeders to rummage through shit no self-respecting human being would eat.

.. wait, I’ve gotta change to the Star Trek movie of the night..

Certainly, I would’ve preferred to ease back into it with a shift here and there, but instead was given the Springwood Community Hub instead and had to do one clean the other day that went from 5:00 AM right through to 12:00 PM – just to get a dent made in some of the filth that’s accumulated there.

Don’t get me wrong, I love having the master-key to buildings this size and having the whole place to myself, but it’s a lot of work for someone who’s done fuck all but watch TV for two months straight, though the initial shock to my joints and muscles has already worn off and they stopped hurting a few days ago now so I’m good to go.


Friday, 21st December 2018

Goodbye Gorgeous,

For months now, you’ve filled a little need with your presence: amused me, annoyed me, softened me up and calmed me down all at the same time, all by simply engaging me.

Without naked photos, sleaze, innuendo or romantic pretense whatsoever you’ve managed to become more intimately aquainted with me than anyone I know, just by being .. yourself 🙂

You’ve made it worthwhile and I will miss you more than you’d think logically possible given the circumstances.

Você me aqueceu como o sol Tais, e não será o mesmo sem você X

Adorable girl ❤

Have fun on your farm, and don’t let those damn monkeys push you around ?

You can stay in touch with me right here, any time you like, and I’ll post you another photo of both coffee and salted caramel fudges as they’re actually cooked.

Sério, volte aqui e você nunca terá que sentir minha falta: qualquer comentário que você deixar eu aprovarei e você poderá me dizer como está!

Solução perfeita! ???

Shit, with someone to impress I might even start updating daily again 😉

Eu vou cozinhar o fudge depois desse show 🙂

Babe, the fudge epicfailed, because I was too preoccupied with your impending absence to remember to put sugar in at all! ?

Tastes great, but it’s like chocolate mousse instead of fudge ?

Monday, 31st December 2018

This time last year, I’d just become homeless and was sitting on a bench in a park in tears because the woman who’d been the focus of my adoration for years until then had told me to fuck off when I needed her the most.

A year later there’s nothing left and she’s done nothing much in the last twelve months to illicit any kind of adoration from me at all and I finally do not see any point in waiting around any more than there is a point in pretending she’s the woman I fixated on for so long.

I give up, done, over.

In other news, I’ve seen thre owner of the puppy several times now on the way home from town, and she’s lost the dog again – over a week ago now though – but this time, whoever took her isn’t as honest as me and have not given the dog back.

Two days ago when I walked past and the chick who owns the animal was outside waiting for her husband with her arms crossed over her chest, I didn’t even stop walking but simply asked on the WSU past whether the puppy was still missing: she just shook her head and looked a bit irritated about something, and the thought occurred to me she might think I’ve taken the puppy and simply don’t want to give it back.

Sadly not: though I’d love a dog, having one here yapping and barking the for hours everytime I’m at work would piss the neighbors off enough top complain and I’d be evicted, plus not having a backyard or anyone else home to keep her company would just make me feel guilty, then there’s the inconvenience of having top feed, walk and train a dog.. no thanks – much as I entertained the idea when I found her a few weeks ago I want a woman and a dog or any other pet is a very poor substitute for an actual human female I can talk to, do things with and fuck.

It’s summer here and the weather has been awful the past week or so: 33°C in the afternoon, and still 19°C at dawn and so yesterday when the time came to leave for work, I simply decided not to.

I went and cleaned my site mind you, but opted to go to bed early and get up at 3:40 AM, then got there and started at 5:00 AM: it’s the coolest time of the day and the only way I could see to bypass the heat, and worked great actually – I get to do fuck all for the entire hottest stretch of day, then start work right on sunrise when I’ve got the entire town to myself.

Probably the only thing I ever liked about cleaning the local TAFE in the morning was that .. quietness at that time of the morning.

Course I started TAFE at 4:00 AM, and always hated having to get out of bed for work every day at that time, but that was for two years straight every weekday so understandably felt endless back then.

So new year’s resolution is to focus on looking forward to finding a woman deserving of the adoration I’ll heap on her, not wasting mental and emotional resources on a has-been who’s never even been close, let alone any kind of woman or partner to me.

This will be the last entry with anything about you in it, since you’ve allowed us to be nothing but a casual fuck here and there at best.

Two hours and it’ll be 8:30 PM and time for bed so I can get up at 3:00 AM and still be functional the remainder of tomorrow.

Not like new year’s eve holds any more significance than Christmas, and I won’t be among the masses waking with a hangover in the morning.


Feliz Ano Novo, Lovely x

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