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Tuesday, 5th February 2019

Still we pretend there might be something going on, while there’s still nothing at all going on.

At best I manage a day or two of being keen, then realize there’s no point being into someone who’s never there then clear it out my mind.

I haven’t even bothered to try and see her in 4 months and don’t really care since I know it’ll get me no closer anyway and with so many years of disappointment I’ve already mourned the loss so many times even that has become boring now.

I should’ve just stayed with Mandy.

Oh well.

I’ll find a local art group and keep my eyes peeled for a more caring woman, and discipline myself to draw daily until then.

I’m told sketches of historic buildings would be popular, which they might, but I’ve started this lizard mount solitary already and am just stretching my fingers with these anyway..

Wednesday, 6th February 2019

I stopped in and saw Ray this morning at tafe.

Figuring there’s got be at least ONE bottle of half-finished eliquid in there and running low on smokes I figured I might’s well pay the TAFE a visit at 6:30 AM.

I only took two bags today – leaving most of the clothes – and after feeling around and finding one bottle of Sparkling Lime, I left opening the bags until I got home and found all this..

New coils and heads, replacement parts plus tanks and bottles still filled with – now – very nicely steeped eliquids!

Not only are most of those bottles at least half-full and two completely full, there’s brand new coul heads, my good battery charger!

I’ve got enough liquid for weeks, and because it’s been in a cool, dark room for a year now they taste ridiculously good: like plastic cheese slices compared to 36-month aged cheddar.

No shit.

I also got several of my tops back, a new pair of ugly blue work pants, two pairs of socks and one pair of underwear.

Plus those $300 headphones I was sure had been stolen somewhere along the way.

Saturday, 16th Feburary 2019

Milk, bread, butter, pasta, sauce.

What else? Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking..

Biscuits.. maybe ham, since vitamin tablets are the healthiest thing I eat these days mmhmm..


Sunday, 17th Feburary 2019

Here’s a very rough conceptual sketch of a chicken run I would love to build but have no backyard, or materials..

Hang on..

It’s not even proportioned right in the sketch but would be walk in and as soon as I had the enclosed/open halves realized they could just as easily be separate, modular parts that attach in the middle.

Mmm Hmm.

Monday, 18th Feburary 2019

Here’s how it would go together.. extra lengths of midsection could easily be built and added as needed..

Thursday, 28th Feburary 2019

This week it’s a sea-shell style vagina. I’m going for that venus look, though I’ve run out of tobacco AND haven’t eaten anything at all in three days, so nothing is getting done until that’s sorted.


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