The diary moved months ago, to..

For months now I’ve been using the site I coded myself from scratch as the diary and haven’t updated this since March or so and though I’ve reactivated this WordPress installation, I didn’t do so with the intention of moving back here but because it just occurred to me “there’s so much writing here: from the Rainforest Journals to the Diary I kept while homeless for a year or so.. too much writing to just leave hidden away right? Course Jason – of course there’s no point shutting it up completely.”

There’s some meaningless image of a face-mask the high-school office chicks insisted I wear to wipe-down the sick bay after some sick kid was in there – extensively photoshopped, since it was sky blue before I beat it into a blood-red with multiple filter passes.

In the past few weeks I’ve added several domains to my selection too and so the site I’m currently using as a diary/blog/thought-dump has its own neat, clean little URL (Edit: which didn’t apply the stylesheet to the page correctly, so I’ll fix that whenever)here is the current diary – which is now nearly four months running in a single page, because I can’t be fucked creating a new post/entry/whatever.

Of course being now mid-way through the two university units online I’m too busy to actually update the current diary either, though I have also started a secret project on the site of all this that’s n.. mm never mind actually – when I’ve done enough to put it out there I will, but for now I’ve been adding to it on paper, screen and in my head here and there when I’ve got the time to do it.

Right now I’ve gotta sketch a flow-chart so the other four in my study group can easily visualize how the various hardware and software components of the AI animal smart-collar we’ve imagined up will work, for the second phase of the groups development since we’ve got to take it from project idea to viable product for Assignments 3, 4 and 5 – all of which will span the next 16 weeks.

I’ve also got Assignment-02 for Programming due Monday night and have not started it yet, which would bother me much more if we hadn’t just got the results of Assignment-01 back and found I scored 80% for the pissy two days rushed work I did on the incomplete assessment.

Looking up the top of the marks/grading page I see I’ve (again shockingly) scored 72% so far and haven’t even bothered doing any of the weekly IIE exercises at all for weeks.

Anyway there’s the new URL and I’ll change the redirect now to point to the latest diary entry, though I haven’t updated it in over a week and haven’t had much to say there lately anyway, though I’m sure I will once this term is over and the study ends, though I’m really more inclined to pour more time into the new secret project when I get the time than to dribble shit in a diary I don’t need to be writing in anymore at all.

After the diagrammatic representation of how the collar’s technology will function I’ve gotta create a smattering of repositories on GitHub ready for next week when I’ll be giving the other four in the group what they’re calling a ‘crash course’ on GitHub because they’re not at all down or comfortable using the platform and they’ll need to know because they’ll need to use it for the remaining dozen or so weeks of the course.

Joanne is sweet: I showed her a few weeks ago how to use it so she’s fine.

Then I’ve gotta start thinking how I want to step the site up another notch from the attractive but now stale and boring site I created two weeks ago into something much sexier, then decide how I’ll get Joanne to somehow look better than she already does for the final presentation video she’ll be doing on behalf of the group and I’ll be editing all slick and shiny in Adobe After-Effects.

Tough gig right.

What else do I have to do? I’m sure there was something ..

Pft whatever – I’ll remember it.

I’ve got over 3,300 Marsupial Mice.. goodness..

Sleep – I’ll do that.

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