Waiting for a decent macro of her eye.

Also, I need a title and theme for this post as well as the portrait when it happens – similar to our fallen goddess has.

But Scarlett is no battered flower: she runs multi-national companies – how do I turn that into an artistic theme? Ignore the multi-national business stuff I guess – hone-in on the person: remarkable anyone as successful as her would have anything to be saying to me actually, let alone for what is it – months now.

We started talking on the vaping forums, where her introductory public post titled “First post” snowballed into a 1,000 reply monster of a thread – almost entirely comprised of her and I treating it like a private message conversation and not only did it take me no time at all to start crackin’ the shits at anyone else who tried to join in our ongoing discussion and snark them out the thread, Scarlett accepted this as simply how stupid men are and we both ended up basically exiled from the rest of the forum’s population of our own doing – simply because we isolated ourselves because we did not care what the mainstream-minded deadheads had to contribute.

Then we both stopped even popping into public threads to drop a reply – ever – and now it’s left the net altogether and over to phone-phone texting that still results in bouts of hundreds of messages and I don’t actually know how anyone can text that fast – I need my phone bluetoothed to my laptop so I can use the keyboard to even keep up with her.

Maybe the fact I’m so NOT successful, she finds my talking about NOT business-related shit refreshing?


What I DO know, is the Warm-up Sketch I drew a few days ago already looks similar enough to her that I *could* simply call that her portrait, except I know I wasn’t thinking of anyone specifically at the time I drew it, so any similarity was subconscious which would make ‘calling’ it her portrait, pretty bad form.

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