Remember, a lot these posts are old and not how I think now or have been thinking for quite a while.

My view of the world changes depending on my emotional state, like most people, and these are yeah, just take them in the context they were each written: the more negative the writing, the more heartbroken I was when I wrote it; the more dynamic and bouncier entries, obviously written when I was happier or not so anguished.

Also remember: you are exempt from any judgement from me – any rants or angry dribbling you might find here about others, will not and do not apply to you, because I have already accepted you – warts and all Xox

Still, I do wish you’d stop focusing on me so we can start talking about you – give me a break from being under the microscope, like I have been now for days on end: from the first few hours two nights ago, that interrogation session stopped any other back-and-forth or normal conversation from happening and murdered fun by the end of the night – when all I am doing is justifying and defending myself for hours on end, there’s no time left for anything else, and being interrogated is not enjoyable at all.

While I am here, I found a photo of my bull-terrier: the last dog I had and the dog that white cartoon character is based off of.. here’s the dood himself..

And here’s the character, as a visual reference since I know you’ve seen him..

I think the likeness is, there, though – looking at the two side-by-side – the cartoon obviously needs some black markings around the area between his nose and lips..

And most the images that were used in these posts are now missing, because the photo server I was running to store images on stopped working as soon as I upgraded PHP to version 8.1: the images are all still here, just not accessible without that server.

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