Outing #41: Back to civilization

New sunglasses, a newly cleaned campsite and a new woman telling me to hurry-up and end the camping silliness and return to her.

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Flashback: The first campsite

Though I’ve started this week’s journal entry, that’ll take a few days on-and-off before it’s done and posted, but I often find myself flicking through some of the photos I’ve taken and here’s one I haven’t posted.

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Outing #40: Guido, Bro, seriously

Guido Possum demonstrates how little concern he has for large, whumping aircraft with flashing lights.

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Outing #40: YOU THERE! WOMBAT!

A mystery visitor sneaking about outside the tent at midnight turns out to be another rarely spotted Marsupial.

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Outing #40: Happenings about town

With all the animals doing a whole bunch of fuck all lately, I’ll just write a recap of town this week – in bullet-point format – with a list of unimportant though actual events 🙂

Outing #39 Shuddup and lick, skunk-apes!

Almost completely fictitious post I imagined-up out of pure boredom; the animals weren’t doing anything new, meh ..whatever.

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Outing #39: You there! Koala Bear!

Loud, random belching noises from very near the tent every night finally conclude, in what I’m told is a very rare sighting down there now: a genuine wild Koala Bear.

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Outing #39: The Confident Currawong

Broeski’s back around the tent, making going for water difficult, and a Currawong who likes to FLIRT with DEATH.

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Outing #39: The wet Season is finally here

Means I get to collect runoff from the tents’ fly for drinking water because I’m too lazy to walk to the creek, and because brown rainwater isn’t so bad once you’re used to the gritty bits.

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Outing #39: If a tree falls in the woods..

As usual the Possums are happy to see me back, and the wet brings down a monster tree.

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