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Happy new year mmm

New Year kicks off with a bang at the flats and I continue packing so I’m ready to fuck off outta that human sewage pit as soon as I start my one regular shift: only societies lowliest waste would ever accept living in a place that rancid and fuck every one of you cunts who told me a place like that was good enough for me.

Tis the season, so I’m told..

Never feels like it though, since there’s never any reason to pretend to be jolly when most other people actually are as I spend yet another christmas alone. As compensation of course, I had no qualms about spending over $900 on a personal upgrade as my christmas present with everything from a new smart watch and my favorite armani cologne to over a dozen new merino tops, bottoms, socks and underwear from macpac which genuinely did make me not care much about spending christmas day alone, smelling myself, rubbing myself and eating like a pig.