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Published Tuesday, 9th March 2020 @3:28 PM

Wednesday, 7th April 2021

Come back Babe.

Tell me I'm a fuckwitt, yell at me all you like, just come back and do it: you really do *flood* the place with light and there's a shitty, empty dark hole caused by your absence that *I* cannot dismiss because it's constantly there.

Everything's returned to normal, calm as cows we are but it's flat without you and your frivilousness, which I'm pretty sure isn't really a word but whatever.

The dynamic without you is not the same.

Not the same at all.

Like Coke without bubbles - what the fuck.


Monday, 29th March 2021

First of these creative expressions will be a specific custard based on the favourite commercial juice of this lovely creature, whose absolute favourite is one specific custard with floral notes and a hint of tobacco.

Commercial manufacturers spend a LOT of money developing or purchasing recipes people will love, then go out of their way to guard those recipes and - because there's so many combinations of concentrates plus the varying amounts that need to be in the right proportions to one another to make them taste a specific way - creating an accurate copy is near impossible, for anyone.

Near impossible, but not absolutely and there's plenty of simple flavour profiles can be cloned easily, but these juices are usually created using flavourings that're distinctive enough for vapers to identify them: the more complex a commercial juice is, the less likely anyone will manage to create a clone that matches the original.

Like trying to figure-out the Colonel's '11 secret herbs & spices' that make KFC what it is, using nothing more than your taste-buds - even if you knew which seasoning were used, you'd almost assuredly never be able to determine what ratio of each is needed to recreate that exact taste.

Her favourite is complicated.

So I will create her a new ultimate favourite from scratch, and once I've got it perfect, give her the recipe so she can make it herself from then on out..par

Think of it this way: if I were to paint her something - knowing what her general taste preference for visual art is - I would first need to go out and buy the correct colours of paint, then mix them, then apply them into a piece she'd love to hang in her house.

Sunday, 28th March 2021

Mixing is just like any other creative outlet, with practical knowledge obtainied by doing - you judge what's GOOD or BAD and the more you do, the greater your understanding of the dymanics becomes; the greater that understanding, the more you can express yourself within the confines of that medium.

It's just that simple.

The specific medium here is concentrated flavourings combined in a single liquid and I'm going to start exploring this creative process the same way any painter or photographer would write about theirs.

Right here.


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